Birthday fun!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated and I thought I’d let you all know about my 25th birthday (wow I’m old).  One of the first gifts I got was from my MIL – I got an air purifier! I’m hoping that will help me sleepbetter at night.  Then my next gift was from Katie and it was a book…one I DIDN’T want to read “Twilight”by Stephenie Meyer.  I don’t like Vampire books and the like so I told her I wouldn’t read it, but she decided that as my birthday gift I had to read it.  And I did and I really enjoyed it, so much so thatI went out and got the second book of the series and read it almost instantly (I had to sleep for a few hours, but had it completed before returning to work) Now I’m waiting to borrow book 3 and 4 from a co-worker so I can finish this tale.

The best gifts I’ve recieved so far come from Matthew (and I’m still waiting in the dark for my third gift from him).  The first gift he gave me was a Crochet book…but not just any crochet book – he took the time to browse throughbooks and see which he thought would best suit my tastes.  That was the most thoughtful and touching thing.  Then the next gift (and all my crafty friends are way jealous) he signed me up for Webs ( Skein of the Month club!!  During the 3rd week of the month I’ll receive a skein of yarn and a pattern! Woooot!  So when I know what the third gift is I’ll have to let you know if it tops this one or not!

I also recieved gifts from other family and friend members and am also waiting to see what my parents are sending me 🙂  I’m excited!

So that’s all – I’m 25 now and pretty freakin happy with my life, my family, my friends, and most importantly my husband.  I’ll try and update sooner rather then later!

Ciao, Anna


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My SupPresent

So as some of you know, Matthew had a “suppresent” for me.  The clues were: It was outside the entire day, while Matthew was at work; and it could not be in the house b/c it would “contaminate” the house.

So here’s what it was:

Some beautiful Mum’s 🙂 Now if anyone has any clue where to plan them let me know (Sun good/bad, shade good/bad, do I have to remove them in the winter – can I put them in an indoor planter if they do…etc…)

Alright- that’s all – I’ll try and post more pictures as my birthday approaches!

Oh and here’s a great picture of me! AT work, working HARD!

From Random

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So an interesting thing happened to me today…

This evening Matthew and I decided we needed to fill our need for some skyline so we went at an unusual hour (9 o’clock) and we’re sitting down chatting and waiting on our food. Out of nowhere comes this piece of paper on our table with an American Flag. I glance down at it and see something about “I am deaf” etc… Yep he’s a deaf peddler. Now since I know sign language I waved at him to get his attention and asked “Are you deaf” to which he replied “Yes” I said back to him “I know sign language and also know that these cards are bad” at which point he took the card off the table and walked over to another table – with his back to me. Around that same time a worker came over to me and I told her that what he was doing is not right. Many deaf cultures do not appreciate the peddlers b/c it makes people act as though they are less capable of normalcy, whereas deaf people are more then capable to work regular jobs. This man was basically saying – I can’t get a real job, have pity on me…I’m deaf. But that’s not right! I know MANY deaf people who work full time jobs, and they would be just as upset at this man for mis-informing people that deaf people need pity. I believe firmly that deaf people are just like us, they just live life differently – much the same way as people who use computers – there is always more then one way to do something on a computer – copy & paste, start a program, surf the net. Just b/c it’s done differently doesn’t mean it’s (they) are less fortunate.

So anyways back to my story – I was talking to the waitress and and the man was directly in front of me (I was against the wall) and the entire time he had his back to me. So I’m telling this woman that he is peddling and that it is degrading to many deaf people and explained why it is viewed as that. The man walks out of the building and around it and comes back in and starts yelling in sign language to me. Now my sign language isn’t the greatest but I think he was saying – “this is how I make my living -something something scam – who are you” kind of thing. But that’s the thing – I NEVER said to him that it was a scam – I only said it when his back was turned and that kind of clued me in to the idea that he is probably hearing and trying to make a quick buck. It’s really unfortunate b/c there is a large deaf community in both cinci and dayton and many people don’t know this b/c they rarely interact with deaf people and when they do it’s with a peddler.

Anyways that was my interesting story – nobody yell at me for having skyline – I limited myself to 1 hotdog!

Oh and I think everyone should read this blog I found – it’ll do a better job of explaining why peddling is negative and from a deaf persons perspective. Selling me Short

Night all!

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I did it!

Yep, I did 21 mins of walking, in the cool breezy night with lightening dancing across the sky, alone listening to the Second Peter Pan book by Dave Barry.  Exciting! Now I’m gonna go die :-p

Here’s to the first walk of my journey to weight loss!

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Hmm not quite thrilled at the moment

So this is hard for me to do – I’ve decided to recommit myself to Weight Watchers and to really truly try and lose all this horrid weight that I’ve gained.  I have never in my life been this heavy and it’s so depressing that I had at one point managed to lose 20 lbs to get to 170, but now I’m 30 lbs heavier and mad at myself.  I have all these great clothes and dresses that I want to wear but I can’t, I’m stuck wearing the clothes that stretch so I can breathe – how gross.  and I’ve been trying these past two weeks to exercise more and each better but it hasn’t helped.  So I’ve given in, and I”m doing weight watchers again.  I truly want to lose 10 lbs, so I can get a new pair of shoes (thanks to my MIL – we both have to lose it…and she’s actually lost some of it!)  But I think I can do it – I’m going to keep track of everything, walk 3 x’s a week and exercise on the elliptical 2 x’s.  PLEASE if you read this, please please please yell at me and make me accountable to you, whoever you are!  I want to be 25 lbs lighter for my 25th birthday, hell I’ll even take 10 lbs lighter, but August is just around the corner and I need some person to just yell at me or encourage me when I’m around.  So with that being said, I think I’m going to go for a walk, husband or not (I”m actually listening to a great book…)

Here’s to losing the first lb. – I CAN and WILL do it!

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Best part of my previous week…

I know it’s late but I have to share this story.  So I was visiting Kari, Jarrett and Seth for a quick moment and was holding seth – I was gently bouncing him and then patted him on the back and the little s#!t vomitted down my dress, no not ON my dress, DOWN my dress.  Eww but at the same time pretty funny.

I am hardcore jonesing for a wii fit but no one freaking has one!!! If you see one, buy it for me, mail it to me and I’ll give you a check for $100.00 – but it has to be new.  Don’t want to smell other ppls feets when I do my YoGa.

Work rocks – I really really really reallllllly! Like it!  I think someone should videotape me this next week as I overhaul the children’s side of the library – for serious!

I also think our country is overrun with morons.  Like those ppl who believe anything Fox spNews says…Ohh you say Obama is a muslim terrorist?  That’s exactly why our law enforcement ppls thought it would be better for him to attempt to run the USA then send him to gitmo.  Right….. Seriously ppl, please remove your heads from your a$$es and educate yourselves!  Do you even know what stories are on the front page of the newspaper (I mean like a wallstreet journal or something more global) Do you know where Iraq is on the map?  Do you know the different branches of the government and what they do (and better yet, why the patriot act cripples the government that has done a decent job of keeping us safe??) ugh It really boils my blood for people to spout ignorant “truths” and be damn near willing to die for those “truths” Yet they won’t pick up a real book, or newspaper, or even history book to educate themselves.

/end rant

So that’s about it – I have 3 baby things to make for 3 lucky ppl…2 in October and 1 in ?? (after october thank goodness!)

Oh I forgot to share my truly favorite story of this past week! Since matthew and I celebrated 2 yrs of marriage…we had decided not to exchange gifts (we’ve made some pretty pricy purchases that probably would have been gifts if we had been more patient, alas…) so I got matthew a pretty sweet cake shaped EXACTLY like the Red wings logo (I think blogged this before, with the intent of a picture to be posted but I am a slacker and have failed to do such) but the cake was for us, so not really a gift.  I gave him a card and that was all.  I get home from girls night around 9 and matthew sooo slyly requests that I go upstairs to the movie shelves and find “A white dvd, near the Aquateen hunger force, but oh shoot, I forgot the name” So i go look and see a little white case with “Happy Anniversary Gift” on the spine.  I take it out and he wrote me a lovely letter that I will treasure always.  Then I opened it and inside was Indiana Jones Lego Adventure game for the wii!  He has also deemed this something we cannot play without each other so of course we’ve been playing it all week long 😛  Seriously I love this kid.

Alright that’s really it. Good night folks!


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Wow, it’s been a while….

So I know I’ve been away for a while, things have just been busy and I haven’t been able to bring myself to type, when I spent so much time thinking “I should really do something with my time” but now that I’m doing something with 40 hours of my time each week, I feel entitled to freely post online, without fear that I’m being lazy – damnit I’m allowed a post or two a week! 😛

Enough with that – Let me catch you up with my life, in reverse chronological order:

Tomorrow, June 9, is Matthew and My’s 2nd anniversary – wooohooo!  Can I tell you a huge pet peeve??  When people find out we’ve only been married for 2 years and they say “Oh that’s not very long” because YES it is very long, we’ve been dating for SEVEN years ppl! Just b/c we didn’t tie the knot a year after we met doesn’t mean we don’t know each other.  Ugh, that’s a huge pet peeve – but I think Matthew feels the same way, so that makes me feel better.  We’re kinda celebrating right now, but not like last year (10 Geocaches in one day….insane!) I gave him his gift, well our gift, a Red Wings shaped and decorated cake – it’s freakin sweeeet! When I upload the pics (which could be next month) I’ll let you know.  If you want to know the cake maker let me know – she does awesome stuff!!!

This past week has been my first week of work as a Children’s Librarian, an official one! It’s been a good week!!! I reallly like the place, the people, the kids, even the location (which is 50 mins from home)  I think it’s going to be a great place to work and make name for myself and summer Reading Program has kicked off so we have a lot of people in the library – loads of fun!

Along with the new job I got a new car – a 2007 Dodge Caliber – his name is Dewey and he’s muy sexy


I got him with 4000 miles on him and now he has 8000 – he’s getting old fast 😛 but I love him so!

I’ve been to a slew of weddings these past few weeks and have a few more to go to next month – I’m looking forward them.

Well I think that’s all for now – been nice to tell you all what I’ve been up to and that I haven’t died or anything crazy like that…just been way busy and now I think I need a nap 😛

Ciao! Anna

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