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Got the final grades today!

Yes, this semester I had poorer grades then previous ones, but two B’s out of 16 A’s isn’t horrible (I’m not quite sure if it’s 16, but the rest were all A’s so bite me)

Collection Development – 94 – A (YAY!)

Adult Services – 82 or 86 – B (Yay! Grade could have been higher if I had posted more but it was a short semester – I really enjoyed that class for sure.)

Info Sources for the humanities – 88 – B (Yay! I don’t know how I managed that grade…I HATED that class, mostly b/c I was rewriting the text book for the teacher and I don’t get the royalities….seriously)

So all in all I’m a pretty awesome student at this library thing πŸ˜› When I know my official GPA I’ll post it, but lets just say it’s awesome.

Life is good – Just trying to find a job, hope I hear something by the end of this week…

Work is okay….I’m ready to start telling one coworker just how it is.Β  She’s crossing too many lines and my boss isn’t doing anything about it.Β  Besides she told me to say things to her, so I will – I just won’t be as nice any longer – I have to be direct.Β  I think that’s the hardest thing to do, I can drop hints till I’m blue in the face but she doesn’t get it, so I’m just going to have to say things directly and forcefully, b/c it’s become hazardous for her to be in the room.Β  No good.

I think I’m sick or something, I’m all head congestion-ee, and stuffed nose.Β  No good – but no cough, I need to go get more cold and sinus drugs b/c we’re out.

That’s about it – I have to take pictures of the house for tara, and I guess anyone else, but I need to clean first, and I won’t lie, I’m enjoying this freedom thing πŸ˜› Like Crochetting, Playing Wii (I’m thiiiiissss close to beating Super Paper Mario! Joy!) Even Cleaning!

Alright, going to perform a nose-appendectomy.

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Peaceful Ahhhhhhhh

Breathe in….Breath out….Peace overflows you…

Yep that’s how I feel right now, I just finished my last class assignment for my summer classes, which means I’m finished with Grad School! I’m excited but also nervous to see how I did in the classes…so I’m holding my breathe until July 25th, when the grades have to be in.

Until then I’ll have my Harry Potter πŸ™‚ Which I’m going to go get in about 1 hour πŸ˜€ I’ve never done the midnight release thing so it should be interesting.

UPDATE: I have my book and read it in 11 hours and 45 mins….One child from my school guessed that I could read it in 12 hours….so he gets a candy bar.Β  The midnight release was fun but I really dislike people who talk…err should i say Broadcast, the spoilers to people who have no choice but to listen.Β  It’s rude and inconsiderat and those people should be shot at with paintball guns.

But back to this whole school thing, or rather the lack thereof…

I have mixed emotions about it all. I’m very happy and exuberant that I’m finally finished, but I feel a little lonely, b/c I know I’ll have to take control of my free time. It’s not even that I’ll have to get a “real job” and “work” – that doesn’t bother me b/c I’ve done it the entire time I have been in school, undergrad and graduate. Yeah sometimes I took a few weeks off to get stuff done, but more or less I’ve worked my butt off to get thru school in 2.5 years (when it normally takes 2 years). So you could say that I’m proud of myself….b/c I deserve to be.

The other thing that worries me not being able to relax, always thinking something is due, or that I should be doing something else besides “having fun.” It will definitely be a transition. I’m still considering selling Creative Memories stuff, but not until I’ve gotten a “real” job and know what my hours are like, and after I’ve had some time to re-arrange the house some. Probably not until after Labor day, at the very least.

And now I’m trying to find a job…it’s kinda exciting being able to say, “Yes I’m a LIBRARIAN” and not have to sell myself “Yes, I am a MLIS student but I’m determined to work in libraries…” while it’s worked for me in the past, it’s not always fun and games. I have applied for one position and I’m actually excited about it – so I really hope I get an interview. Otherwise I’m still looking.

So there is this looooonnngggggg list of things “To-Do AFTER school is over…forever…” – allow me to expand:

  • Post-it note: When I have a life – Google Criss Angel (from Tara)
  • Call Rival about our seal a meal (on refrig)
  • Spend time with Matthew
  • Change my bills to different times of the month
  • Redo the guest room (move desk in, reorganize craft stuff, etc…)
  • Do some crochet projects
  • Do some scrapbooking (esp on my mom’s! Yikes!)
  • Throw away all the school stuff I don’t need
  • Reorganize my filing cabinents
  • Read the mound of books that I want to read
  • Reformat my computer
  • Play Wii..specifically Super Paper Mario
  • Have a few parties
  • See my friends
  • Go on a vacation
  • Sleep in

And I think that’s all…I definitely have many things I want to do, but we’ll see if it happens.Β  Okay time to shower and get ready to face the day.

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Harry Potter and School

Sooo I thought that I would write a blog about the new Harry Potter book coming out on July 21st. I do have mine on pre-order, so no worries my pretties. But I thought that I would write about what I thought was going to happen but as I thought about it I realized that I hate trying to predict what may happen…I don’t even want to think about whether or nor Harry, Ron, or Hermoine die….I don’t want to think that could happen, even if it does – I won’t be the one jinxing it. Sooo I really don’t know what is going to happen, other then Harry kicking Lord Voldemort’s butt. That’s about it. I can’t wait for it to come out – depending on what time I finish my class stuff I’ll get my book either July 20th at Midnight or the following Saturday…but I have to brave the crowds to do it :-/ We shall see.

My parents have been up here for the past few days. They bought us a sweet grill as a house warming gift and then helped us put in a patio outside! It’s sweet! And my mom planted flowers for hopefully something will grow :-< I have to say that my house is looking pretty awesome. Oh and my mom has been cleaning my kitchen πŸ™‚ that makes me very happy. And they REALLY like our house and that makes me feel really good. I kinda wish that they lived closer to us 😦 I know my mom wants to but my dad can’t do it. Maybe in the future.

Oh and I have like 15 days until I’m done with school for GOOD! But I have a few things to get done….they are:

  • Treasure Hunt Questions – 7/15
  • Info Sources Paper – 7/16
  • Discussion Board Questions (Lead Discussion) 7/15
  • Disc. Board activity (Info Sources) – currently till the end
  • Disc Board questions for Coll Dev. – 7/10 & 7/20
  • Coll Dev Final Paper – 7/20
  • Adult Services Disc. Board Participation (3 x’s each week!!!)
  • Adult Services Final Paper: Due Tuesday of Week 10 (7/16).

Sooo that’s about it – once I get this stuff done I’m done forever!!! Woooohoooo but I need to crack down and get my butt in gear. Seriously sooo much to do! These huge projects (one in each class) are going to take a lot of energy.

Oh and I applied for a job today – so I’m hoping next week I’ll be hearing something! Keep you’re fingers crossed!

Alright sooo that’s it for a few days – TTYL!

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I passed!!!

I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed!!!!!!!!

What you may be wondering??

THE COMPS!! Yippppeeeeee! This means, if I finish my classes out (in, oh…17 days ) and I get good grades then I will be GRADUATING!!! Yay! in August!!Β  Oh my goodness I’m soo excited!

With that being said – Plan for a graduation party/ birthday party the weekend of Labor Day, with the following day planned for going to the WEBN fireworks (which are AMAZING for those of you who don’t know…)Β  People can stay with us….so plan to be here, then πŸ™‚


Oh and to find out if I passed, I caved and called the school to find out, because I still don’t have my letter 😦 but it was confirmed twice so i know I PASSED! πŸ™‚

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Okay so here is my LT with all the books I collected at ALA2007 Conference. I have 3/6 others that I could not add because they are just a few chapters from each book (2 books in 1) but I do have them. Titles are: “Dancing with Werewolves” by Carole Nelson Douglas; “Chasing Silver” by Jamie Craig (both in one book); “The Secret History of Moscow” by Ekaterina Sedia; “The Spider’s Bride” by Debbie Gallagher (both in one book); and lastly, “Blood Magic” by Matthew Cook; and “Amberlight” by Sylvia Kelso (both in one book). If anyone is interested in those let me know.

Here is the list of books I’m willing to part ways with or loan. Also check out this list of signed books that I have from the conference. There were also a few other books that I either 1) gave away or 2) have been snaked by Matthew to the depths of his lair….I mean computer room. So once those are up there, you’ll be able to see them.

I do plan to type up a journal about my trip to ALA but give me a bit and I’ll get it. I need to get my resume together and send it off tomorrow and then work on homework so that I can graduate soon. Soon….very soon….I’ll be able to update regularly.

Oh and I asked MySpace for help with the transferring of my blogs from their to here….we’ll see if it happens, but I’m not going to hold my breathe.

Alright, gotta go to sleep, my eyelids keep falling. Night all! Let me know if anyone wants some books!
Peace, Anna

Oh and I’ll elaborate on this later – but go read “The Time Travelers Wife” by Audrey N. an EXCELLENT book and I loved listening to it on the trip to and fro DC. Go…get it NOW!

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Sooooo I’ve been MIA for a few days now – let me catch ya all up on this (well not Tara, she was going thru it with me!)

Last tuesday I received the questions for my comps – For those of you don’t know Comps are the equivalent of a Thesis or Dissertations (sort of). The school selects 3 questions, sends them to you, and you have 5 days (I had 6 b/c of fathers day) to write an 8-10 page paper on one of the questions. These are no simple questions, one must research, analyze, synthesize, and write this paper in 5 (or 6) days – no easy feet mind you!

Soo got the questions, decided to do question 1. Placed holds on book thru the library of Cinci.

Started researching the different areas of the question online – printed about 100 pages of information.

Picked up books, Wrote about a page of my paper


Wrote more of the paper (probably 4 more pages)
Went to Amanda’s Dress Rehearsal – and Dinner – Yummy. Almost died leaving the church (stupid lady pulled out right in front of us…we had to stop completely, with only a foot or two to spare…scary shit.
Came home and packed up for saturday – printed off my paper and I had 6 pages done.

Had matthew drop me off at the hair place – got my hair done, dropped off at the hotel, put on make-up, got on dress (barely ), took pictures at Cox (cool place!) Went to the church. Got Amanda married (fyi the church had NO AC and it was like 95 that day….) The wedding was beautiful – I’ll upload pictures when I can. I’m sooo happy for those two – they really deserve each other. Yay! Went to the rehearsal and had to wait for the stupid boys to get their butts there….had food, had booze, and had fun. Can’t ask for much else. Work done on my comps paper? Zero.

Rick came by at 8, was suppose to elave at 10 but didn’t leave till 11 – which was fine by me. It was great to see him. He’s a great person and I hope he moves up here closer to us soon! Got started on the paper around 1:30ish? and powered through it till 6:30 when I declared it done. Proof-read it, sent it to Sami and D (who are AWESOME PPL BTW! Gonna have to do something nice for them after schools over). Sami sent me back paper – I revised. in between waiting for D and sami’s email I made curtains for Jon’s new Apt. Got D’s email late and started doing revisions again. Finished the revisions around 1 am, went to bed.

Around 10:30 am I got up and re-read my paper, fixed different things and then submitted my paper at 11:00ish. Took a shower (the first in like 5 days – I know gross, right??) Got dressed and went up to Dayton to see Emmie and Kari and go shopping. On the way up there my car started shaking…badly. At the Dayton mall exit I hear a loud POP and repeated thumps. I see my tire is flying around on the rear drivers side. I maintain control of the car and pull onto the side of the highway. Frak – I blew a tire. let me also tell you, you all are very lucky i’m alive. My car model is notorious for flipping, this simple imbalance made b/c the tire blew should have been enough to flip me. Miracle of Miracles (and the fact that this isn’t the FIRST blown tire I’ve had) helped save my life.
So I called matthew and he insisted on coming up and helping me change my tire – what a good man. I started the process of finding the parts to lower the spare and did that. Matthew got there and we took the tire off and put on the spare. I’ll put a picture of the blown tire online here in a bit. Then I took the car to store, got a new tire and shopped. When I went to pick up the car, that is when I realized my ID was missing….Double Frak! I head to Emmies house and we go to the stores. On my way there I am about to call Amanda and ask her if she has my ID when Matthew calls. Yep He had my ID – he took it out for the wedding (what a good guy) but boy did I feel like I was losing it b/c I could not for the life of me remember taking it out. lol. With that out of the way, the day was much better.
I came home, watched a movie, and then proceeded to finish the curtains for jon. Made muffins and then went to sleep.

Sooooo after all that, I’m alright, alive and well. Now I’m just waiting for the results of my paper. If I recieve a phone call, I failed and have to retake them. If I don’t recieve a phone call, I’ll receive a letter in the mail (at my parents house) and that means I’ve passed. Here’s hoping for the snail mail. If anyone lives in tampa please do not call me from an 813 number that I don’t have…I really don’t want to have a panic attack – k?

Alright that’s about it – Now I have to get ready for ALA – I leave on Thursday! Joy!

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