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Whoa! 2008!

So it’s 2008 and I have started the year of with a bang!

1) I put in my two weeks notice for the daycare – I still don’t have another job but it’s time – I’m ready to move on and really focus on things that need my focus. I have some bitterness towards this leaving for many reasons but I’m trying to be as nice as possible. If you want details give me a call.

2) Matthew and I found a great bargain at Sofa Express – they are going bankrupt and we found a great bedroom set really cheap – so we now have a real bedroom set, two nightstands, a queen bed with head and foot boards, dresser with mirror, and a chest of drawers. We even got nice lamps for the bedside and the dresser. I’ll put in pictures and you can check them out yourself!

Bed and Nightstands

Dresser and Chest of Drawers

3) I think this year I’m going to try and sell my crocheted stuff.  So I’m taking orders.  I’m also going to make at least one child’s sized sweaters.

4) I guess another resolution is to try and keep the laundry washed and folded without having piles of it.  More over I want to keep the bedroom looking nice and pretty.  Hell I might even make the bed EVERYDAY! eh, once a week will be enough.

Alright that’s it for now, I need to go switch the laundry and clean up and get to the stores soon.  I’ll post again this week (yell at me if I don’t!)


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