Yay! I got one more thing done! I got Kate’s scarf done today – it’s pretty freaking long and warm and it matches the hat I made her (well in yarn at least). Now I have to figure out what I’m going to make Samantha, my goddaughter. I’ve got two yarns that I’d love to use to make her somethign but i’m not sure if a hat would be appropriate b/c she lives in florida, but when you live there it does get cold (and the yarn I have is light and airy…) so we’ll see.

So here’s the hat I made:

And the Scarf I just finished:

IN other news, I’ve been sick, fighting with Bronchitis and trying to get enough sleep….it’s a vicious battle. Most of my x-mas shopping is done – I’m so excited for x-mas b/c my family will be up here and we had snow the other day and it’s the holidays!

Here’s a pic of our holiday lights with snow on the ground! We have 2 penguins, 3 twig lights, bunches of strands, icicle lights over the garage and swag lights over the porch! Matthew did a great job decorating!!

Our Christmas Decorations

Okay that’s it for now, nap time!


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