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Rollercoaster Week

Well This is my birthday week – generally I’m excited about my birthday, you know happy and stuff, but this week has just gotten off to a bad beginning. I think it has cursed my birthday and I’m now worried that someone else will die on my birthday next year 😦 Let me explain:

1 yr ago a day or two before my birthday Matthew’s Grandma passed away – albeit, expectantly – we were fortunate enough to have a chance to say good bye to her a few weeks before that.

Unfortunately, yesterday we got word that Matthew’s Uncle Bill passed away, by way of drowning. I don’t understand what happened or why it happened but this very young man of 57, watching his children grow up (one just graduated from school…) should not have faced this terrible fate. Yes, I think I am mad – no one deserves to lose someone that way, and such a good person should not have been taken from this earth. It is truly a tragedy. I am trying to stay somewhat positive, esp for Matthew. I have to remind myself that his death is a perfect example of living life to the fullest and NEVER taking a day for granted. Also, treasure the present, appreciate the future and relish the past. Yes these sayings are somewhat contrite but I feel like this is all that we are left with – our memories and living to our fullest. Life should never be taken for granted. I am just as guilty as the next person for getting upset at the small things but I find myself now thinking “Is getting upset about this such a big deal? Wouldn’t my time that I am spending being angry be better spent if I was happy?” I’m not ignoring things that would make me mad but rather I am being direct and assertive – “This hurt my feelings, please stop/apologize” instead of letting it eat me up inside.

Anyways I’m done verbally vomitting….

Thank you Bill for the gift to see how valuable life really is – Rest in Peace.

Also – as a birthday gift I am accepting boxes of kleenex, k? Thx.


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