yes we can

Sooo I just got done watching this video – and I’m so in awe of Obama right now.  Forgive me but I’m going to c&p somthing i entered into another discussion b/c I think it full sums up my feels about this song and candidate.


Having watched the video a few times I have to say it does have an effect on me.  I’ve been on the fence about the two candidates and now I feel more compelled to Obama, not only b/c of this video but it did empower me.  His speech was very powerful, but, for me, having it put to music with people singing along makes it even more powerful.  I guess it’s b/c I’ve been a college student for too long, but listening to speeches just makes me drown out whoever I’m listening to – I hate debates and talks b/c the language can lose me and most time people go off on tangents that the question is never answered.  This video takes a particularly excellent part of his speech, put its to music, add people who also felt moved by his speech and creates an amazing video of which I can listen and reflect more fully.

And while I haven’t fully investigated Obama or Hillary, just the fact that this video/ his speech can inspire so many people to want change gives me hope – We need a leader who will speak to the nation and will inspire us to stand up and say Yes we can!  Because it is not the President who will change America – it is AMERICANS – how are we going to change America if we don’t stand up and take ownership of this nation – – and that’s where I feel this video/his speech empowers me – to feel like we have a fighting chance at change.  I can’t tell you how depressed I’ve been these past few years with bush in office – I have not had any hope that our country would be standing at the end of 8 years.  Now, I’m reminded that the way to change our country is to unify and fight for a change…

So yes, I would say this video changed me, empowered me, made me proud to be an American who wanted to make our country proud.


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