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A long overdue update….

So I guess I owe this to my loyal readers (hah, yeah right!)….but here’s an overdue update in all things Bananas!

I have finally found a real library job! Unfortunately it is only a Library Assistant I (so much for a Master’s degree….) but in 3 months I can apply for other positions and it’s much more likely for me to move into something better. So I’m biding my time. The job is also only part time 😦 but I can keep the Y job, which kinda makes me happy (weird, I know). I would feel really bad if I had to leave this job right now b/c I just started working intensively with two children who have some serious problems. I don’t mind transferring control of this to other teachers but the bad thing is some of the veteran teachers are unwilling to work with these children for whatever reasons. I can understand their viewpoint but it’s obvious that these kids need some TLC along with loads of discipline. So I want to stay to see how my method pans out (usually I do pretty well) and I want to give these kids a good chance at life.

On Labor Day weekend we had our Graduation/Birthday/Labor Day bash and it went off well! We had 47 people and people seemed to have a great time. It was really awesome to see some of our friends from college like Jeremy and Greg and their girlfriends – I’m so happy for them both. Also Ben and Gruden. And lastly – my Girls – Nikki/Matt, Sarah/Andy, and D….we’ll eventually get us all together – promise. I also had a really good time with my cousin-in-laws 🙂 and everyone else that come over! Seriously a lot of fun! And a big thank you to those who stuck around to clean up! 🙂 You know who you are! ;-). It was really nice to get everyone together and just enjoy ourselves. I think we’ll have to do it again.

Other things in my life….

  • I would like to do a 5K walk, maybe in the spring – if anyone wants to kick my butt in gear or just walk with me I’d really enjoy the company.
  • Matthew is working on putting together a salt water aquarium! I’m way excited to have salt water fishies!!
  • I’ve been crochetting up a storm here….even have a few orders…I’m thinking about selling some of the stuff i make to consignment shops just to make a few extra bucks.
  • I’m feeling myself swing back towards scrapbooking too, I took a 3 week hiatus.
  • Matthew’s back to playing hockey again! Yay! If anyone wants to come with me to watch the games, just let me know!
  • I think we might be changing our cell phone numbers kinda soon – we’ll see though.
  • I’m really looking forward to a vacation at thanksgiving time. We’re going to fla to see the fam and maybe stop in GA at the big aquarium and maybe go to epcot for a day! Drink around the World – Tour #2!

And yes, I know I still owe you all some pictures yet, I need to re-clean and such and then take them….I’ll get them by thanksgiving – and probably a video too. But anyways, I’m going to go clean, I want to clean….weird, I know.

Peace everyone!!


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Rollercoaster Week

Well This is my birthday week – generally I’m excited about my birthday, you know happy and stuff, but this week has just gotten off to a bad beginning. I think it has cursed my birthday and I’m now worried that someone else will die on my birthday next year 😦 Let me explain:

1 yr ago a day or two before my birthday Matthew’s Grandma passed away – albeit, expectantly – we were fortunate enough to have a chance to say good bye to her a few weeks before that.

Unfortunately, yesterday we got word that Matthew’s Uncle Bill passed away, by way of drowning. I don’t understand what happened or why it happened but this very young man of 57, watching his children grow up (one just graduated from school…) should not have faced this terrible fate. Yes, I think I am mad – no one deserves to lose someone that way, and such a good person should not have been taken from this earth. It is truly a tragedy. I am trying to stay somewhat positive, esp for Matthew. I have to remind myself that his death is a perfect example of living life to the fullest and NEVER taking a day for granted. Also, treasure the present, appreciate the future and relish the past. Yes these sayings are somewhat contrite but I feel like this is all that we are left with – our memories and living to our fullest. Life should never be taken for granted. I am just as guilty as the next person for getting upset at the small things but I find myself now thinking “Is getting upset about this such a big deal? Wouldn’t my time that I am spending being angry be better spent if I was happy?” I’m not ignoring things that would make me mad but rather I am being direct and assertive – “This hurt my feelings, please stop/apologize” instead of letting it eat me up inside.

Anyways I’m done verbally vomitting….

Thank you Bill for the gift to see how valuable life really is – Rest in Peace.

Also – as a birthday gift I am accepting boxes of kleenex, k? Thx.

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Been pretty busy these past few days, so forgive me for my delinquency.

Well I’ve been working a ton, applying a bunch, and HURRAY HURRAY I have a job interview on the 28th.  However I’ve also applied for another position and I realllly want that one, so we’ll see what happens.

My birthday is steadily approaching, only 4 more days (This friday, the 24th, my Golden Birthday!)  As I like it, I have been receiving my presents well in advance of the actual day 🙂 That way I don’t have pleasure overload ;-).  So far the awesome presents I have recieved are: Matthew – new Desk, docking station, and my brick 🙂   Helen – Some awesome new ecco shoes!!!  They are sooo sweeeet! I need them for the job interview next week so I’m breaking them in.  I’ll take a pic later this week and upload it – yes they are that sweet.

Speaking of birthdays, I am going to be having a dinner at Iron Chef Hibachi Grill Friday night – I think only 6 people can go (not including Matthew and myself) so first come first serve.  However, we’ll be having games and what not at the house afterwards and all can come for that.  But if you want to wait till the official party, Sept 1st, which is also a Graduation and labor day party, you may – I won’t cry…much 😛 Email me for info – k?thx.

On to other things that are awesome – we are finally getting a water softener!  YIPPEEEEE!!! Hard water NO MORE! and a reverse osmosis machine for our drinking water – yeah you could pee in it and have pristine clean drinking water! I’m very excited about that! I’ll be selling bottles of water for a quarter!  lol, j/k – but seriously, we don’t have them YET, we’re still waiting for the company who installs them to call us.  If we don’t hear anything tomorrow I am calling and requiring they install it for free – yes you just watch me pull that off!

And onto other things –  I’ve been reading a few books (who knew with free time what was possible!) one of the books that I am reading is “Happier” by Tal Ben-Shahar – I am enjoying it immensely!  But it’s a slow process b/c it requires you to do a little homework, which I have to admit I enjoy.   The other book I’m reading is “The Deadline” by Chris Crutcher  – a YA book that is really good!

Otherwise that has been my life – I’ve been hanging out with a co-worker and that’s been fun and interesting – Matthew and I are trying to make friends up by us since it seems like no one wants to travel to visit us.  Regardless, we’ve had a pretty good time :-).  Alright, that’s it for now – Have a good one!

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Harry Potter and School

Sooo I thought that I would write a blog about the new Harry Potter book coming out on July 21st. I do have mine on pre-order, so no worries my pretties. But I thought that I would write about what I thought was going to happen but as I thought about it I realized that I hate trying to predict what may happen…I don’t even want to think about whether or nor Harry, Ron, or Hermoine die….I don’t want to think that could happen, even if it does – I won’t be the one jinxing it. Sooo I really don’t know what is going to happen, other then Harry kicking Lord Voldemort’s butt. That’s about it. I can’t wait for it to come out – depending on what time I finish my class stuff I’ll get my book either July 20th at Midnight or the following Saturday…but I have to brave the crowds to do it :-/ We shall see.

My parents have been up here for the past few days. They bought us a sweet grill as a house warming gift and then helped us put in a patio outside! It’s sweet! And my mom planted flowers for hopefully something will grow :-< I have to say that my house is looking pretty awesome. Oh and my mom has been cleaning my kitchen 🙂 that makes me very happy. And they REALLY like our house and that makes me feel really good. I kinda wish that they lived closer to us 😦 I know my mom wants to but my dad can’t do it. Maybe in the future.

Oh and I have like 15 days until I’m done with school for GOOD! But I have a few things to get done….they are:

  • Treasure Hunt Questions – 7/15
  • Info Sources Paper – 7/16
  • Discussion Board Questions (Lead Discussion) 7/15
  • Disc. Board activity (Info Sources) – currently till the end
  • Disc Board questions for Coll Dev. – 7/10 & 7/20
  • Coll Dev Final Paper – 7/20
  • Adult Services Disc. Board Participation (3 x’s each week!!!)
  • Adult Services Final Paper: Due Tuesday of Week 10 (7/16).

Sooo that’s about it – once I get this stuff done I’m done forever!!! Woooohoooo but I need to crack down and get my butt in gear. Seriously sooo much to do! These huge projects (one in each class) are going to take a lot of energy.

Oh and I applied for a job today – so I’m hoping next week I’ll be hearing something! Keep you’re fingers crossed!

Alright sooo that’s it for a few days – TTYL!

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