Hmm not quite thrilled at the moment

So this is hard for me to do – I’ve decided to recommit myself to Weight Watchers and to really truly try and lose all this horrid weight that I’ve gained.  I have never in my life been this heavy and it’s so depressing that I had at one point managed to lose 20 lbs to get to 170, but now I’m 30 lbs heavier and mad at myself.  I have all these great clothes and dresses that I want to wear but I can’t, I’m stuck wearing the clothes that stretch so I can breathe – how gross.  and I’ve been trying these past two weeks to exercise more and each better but it hasn’t helped.  So I’ve given in, and I”m doing weight watchers again.  I truly want to lose 10 lbs, so I can get a new pair of shoes (thanks to my MIL – we both have to lose it…and she’s actually lost some of it!)  But I think I can do it – I’m going to keep track of everything, walk 3 x’s a week and exercise on the elliptical 2 x’s.  PLEASE if you read this, please please please yell at me and make me accountable to you, whoever you are!  I want to be 25 lbs lighter for my 25th birthday, hell I’ll even take 10 lbs lighter, but August is just around the corner and I need some person to just yell at me or encourage me when I’m around.  So with that being said, I think I’m going to go for a walk, husband or not (I”m actually listening to a great book…)

Here’s to losing the first lb. – I CAN and WILL do it!


  1. r0senr0t said

    Good luck, I’m on the weight-loss-by-August train as well (so I can be all pretty when I take my sweetie out for his birthday!)

    Aren’t the fat stretchy clothes horrible? I literally have a closet full of nice clothes that I can’t wear…and a few hangers full of my “fat” clothes…it’s like torture!

    Somehow I haven’t found the determination to diet and exercise properly so far, despite my disgust with the 30lbs extra I’m carrying….so it’s really great to see someone trying to go past that and join an organization to push yourself! I hope it works out for you! 🙂

  2. librariananna said

    Thanks for the words of encouragement – It sickens me when I go to find a dress and I feel like a monkey picking through everything just to find a size 16 that doesn’t fit and then I get really discouraged when they don’t have any 18’s. I kinda have stopped buying clothes b/c it’s so discouraging. But I’m hopefully I can get some new shoes after I lose 10 lbs 😛

    Let me know if you want to do the “Whatever you can do, I can do better” with exercising, Like if I work out and post it, you have to do it and post too – then I try and match it, etc… I don’t know if it would work but if you want encouragement I’ll do my best!

    Thanks again, it’s nice to know I’m not the only person who reads this thing 😛

  3. Yarntastic said

    You know what? This entry reminds me exactly of many my old friends would write about their attempts to quit smoking. (And my own as well, back in the day.) What it’s important to remember is that fighting off any addiction — and make no mistake, food can definitely be an addiction — is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a lifestyle change, so take it easy, make it comfortable, think in the long term and don’t worry about doing too much too fast. Just take it one day at a time and don’t carry the weight of tomorrow on your shoulders. Be gentle on yourself. It’s far too easy to set your goals high and then crash and burn. And if you want to get together and take a walk through that beautiful park that I was telling you about, anytime. Actually, I’d like a chance to walk around some of the lovely area where you live some evening, too.

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