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The job

So I started my new job – I’m working as a Library Assistant, which, yes, would not have been my first choice – I’ve tried to get jobs as a Librarian in many different capacities but have found it to be extremely difficult.  So I got my foot in the door with the LA position, Part time.  In 3 months I can apply for another job in the system and have a much better chance of moving up.

So I started this past week and on the first day on the job I completely floored my boss – I started doing the normal stuff I should be doing, by myself – no help – just went at it.  I did fairly well, demonstrated that I’m competent, and when I’m not sure I speak up.   She clued me into to some of things I’ll be doing – mostly helping to incorporate baby sign language into the programs and possibly start a baby signs program.  I’m definitely excited about this!  The other thing she told me to do was to get a good reputation within the system and this will help me get hired for a better job.  I think I can do this fairly easily – one way I’m going to try doing it is to volunteer to work at other branches – then I get to check them out and wow them by my mad skills.  I can start doing this after 30 days, so I’m eager to get trained and “approved”.

That’s about it for now – I’m pretty happy about all this – today I have a day off from the library (not the Y) so I’m getting some stuff done around the house. – So that’s all for now!


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