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A long overdue update….

So I guess I owe this to my loyal readers (hah, yeah right!)….but here’s an overdue update in all things Bananas!

I have finally found a real library job! Unfortunately it is only a Library Assistant I (so much for a Master’s degree….) but in 3 months I can apply for other positions and it’s much more likely for me to move into something better. So I’m biding my time. The job is also only part time 😦 but I can keep the Y job, which kinda makes me happy (weird, I know). I would feel really bad if I had to leave this job right now b/c I just started working intensively with two children who have some serious problems. I don’t mind transferring control of this to other teachers but the bad thing is some of the veteran teachers are unwilling to work with these children for whatever reasons. I can understand their viewpoint but it’s obvious that these kids need some TLC along with loads of discipline. So I want to stay to see how my method pans out (usually I do pretty well) and I want to give these kids a good chance at life.

On Labor Day weekend we had our Graduation/Birthday/Labor Day bash and it went off well! We had 47 people and people seemed to have a great time. It was really awesome to see some of our friends from college like Jeremy and Greg and their girlfriends – I’m so happy for them both. Also Ben and Gruden. And lastly – my Girls – Nikki/Matt, Sarah/Andy, and D….we’ll eventually get us all together – promise. I also had a really good time with my cousin-in-laws 🙂 and everyone else that come over! Seriously a lot of fun! And a big thank you to those who stuck around to clean up! 🙂 You know who you are! ;-). It was really nice to get everyone together and just enjoy ourselves. I think we’ll have to do it again.

Other things in my life….

  • I would like to do a 5K walk, maybe in the spring – if anyone wants to kick my butt in gear or just walk with me I’d really enjoy the company.
  • Matthew is working on putting together a salt water aquarium! I’m way excited to have salt water fishies!!
  • I’ve been crochetting up a storm here….even have a few orders…I’m thinking about selling some of the stuff i make to consignment shops just to make a few extra bucks.
  • I’m feeling myself swing back towards scrapbooking too, I took a 3 week hiatus.
  • Matthew’s back to playing hockey again! Yay! If anyone wants to come with me to watch the games, just let me know!
  • I think we might be changing our cell phone numbers kinda soon – we’ll see though.
  • I’m really looking forward to a vacation at thanksgiving time. We’re going to fla to see the fam and maybe stop in GA at the big aquarium and maybe go to epcot for a day! Drink around the World – Tour #2!

And yes, I know I still owe you all some pictures yet, I need to re-clean and such and then take them….I’ll get them by thanksgiving – and probably a video too. But anyways, I’m going to go clean, I want to clean….weird, I know.

Peace everyone!!


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Peaceful Ahhhhhhhh

Breathe in….Breath out….Peace overflows you…

Yep that’s how I feel right now, I just finished my last class assignment for my summer classes, which means I’m finished with Grad School! I’m excited but also nervous to see how I did in the classes…so I’m holding my breathe until July 25th, when the grades have to be in.

Until then I’ll have my Harry Potter 🙂 Which I’m going to go get in about 1 hour 😀 I’ve never done the midnight release thing so it should be interesting.

UPDATE: I have my book and read it in 11 hours and 45 mins….One child from my school guessed that I could read it in 12 hours….so he gets a candy bar.  The midnight release was fun but I really dislike people who talk…err should i say Broadcast, the spoilers to people who have no choice but to listen.  It’s rude and inconsiderat and those people should be shot at with paintball guns.

But back to this whole school thing, or rather the lack thereof…

I have mixed emotions about it all. I’m very happy and exuberant that I’m finally finished, but I feel a little lonely, b/c I know I’ll have to take control of my free time. It’s not even that I’ll have to get a “real job” and “work” – that doesn’t bother me b/c I’ve done it the entire time I have been in school, undergrad and graduate. Yeah sometimes I took a few weeks off to get stuff done, but more or less I’ve worked my butt off to get thru school in 2.5 years (when it normally takes 2 years). So you could say that I’m proud of myself….b/c I deserve to be.

The other thing that worries me not being able to relax, always thinking something is due, or that I should be doing something else besides “having fun.” It will definitely be a transition. I’m still considering selling Creative Memories stuff, but not until I’ve gotten a “real” job and know what my hours are like, and after I’ve had some time to re-arrange the house some. Probably not until after Labor day, at the very least.

And now I’m trying to find a job…it’s kinda exciting being able to say, “Yes I’m a LIBRARIAN” and not have to sell myself “Yes, I am a MLIS student but I’m determined to work in libraries…” while it’s worked for me in the past, it’s not always fun and games. I have applied for one position and I’m actually excited about it – so I really hope I get an interview. Otherwise I’m still looking.

So there is this looooonnngggggg list of things “To-Do AFTER school is over…forever…” – allow me to expand:

  • Post-it note: When I have a life – Google Criss Angel (from Tara)
  • Call Rival about our seal a meal (on refrig)
  • Spend time with Matthew
  • Change my bills to different times of the month
  • Redo the guest room (move desk in, reorganize craft stuff, etc…)
  • Do some crochet projects
  • Do some scrapbooking (esp on my mom’s! Yikes!)
  • Throw away all the school stuff I don’t need
  • Reorganize my filing cabinents
  • Read the mound of books that I want to read
  • Reformat my computer
  • Play Wii..specifically Super Paper Mario
  • Have a few parties
  • See my friends
  • Go on a vacation
  • Sleep in

And I think that’s all…I definitely have many things I want to do, but we’ll see if it happens.  Okay time to shower and get ready to face the day.

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Okay so here is my LT with all the books I collected at ALA2007 Conference. I have 3/6 others that I could not add because they are just a few chapters from each book (2 books in 1) but I do have them. Titles are: “Dancing with Werewolves” by Carole Nelson Douglas; “Chasing Silver” by Jamie Craig (both in one book); “The Secret History of Moscow” by Ekaterina Sedia; “The Spider’s Bride” by Debbie Gallagher (both in one book); and lastly, “Blood Magic” by Matthew Cook; and “Amberlight” by Sylvia Kelso (both in one book). If anyone is interested in those let me know.

Here is the list of books I’m willing to part ways with or loan. Also check out this list of signed books that I have from the conference. There were also a few other books that I either 1) gave away or 2) have been snaked by Matthew to the depths of his lair….I mean computer room. So once those are up there, you’ll be able to see them.

I do plan to type up a journal about my trip to ALA but give me a bit and I’ll get it. I need to get my resume together and send it off tomorrow and then work on homework so that I can graduate soon. Soon….very soon….I’ll be able to update regularly.

Oh and I asked MySpace for help with the transferring of my blogs from their to here….we’ll see if it happens, but I’m not going to hold my breathe.

Alright, gotta go to sleep, my eyelids keep falling. Night all! Let me know if anyone wants some books!
Peace, Anna

Oh and I’ll elaborate on this later – but go read “The Time Travelers Wife” by Audrey N. an EXCELLENT book and I loved listening to it on the trip to and fro DC. Go…get it NOW!

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DC – Day 3ish – Video

This is a video of the Book Cart Drill Team Championships from the ALA 2007 Conference in DC. I’ll put another post later about the rest of my weekend, but thought this would hold you all over 🙂 Enjoy!

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DC – Day 1ish

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So for those of you who don’t know, I’m in DC right now!  I’m here for the ALA (American Library Association) conference! It’s very exciting and I haven’t even gotten there yet!  I’m really looking forward to meeting the writers, seeing Julie Andrews, Judy Blume, Mel, and many other peeps.

Yesterday I drove to Beth and Dave’s allll day long.  But I was listening to the time Traveler’s wife and I really am enjoying it! Luckily it’s 17 hours long so I should have it the entire time i’m here to stay and on the way home.  If not, I might listen to it again 🙂

So this morning…on my way into DC, I did fine, but then I forgot I had to get off at I-66…got turned around and then I finally make it to the exit…I’m expecting signs saying “METRO” HECK NO!  How evil is that.  So I finally park and get to the station.  Get a card and put loads of money on it.  Oh vey…what a fun day!  It’s not even 8:30 and I feel like I have the energy of a mad lady.  Anyways, Today Tara, Keri and I are gettin registered (well Tara and I) and then checking out some of DC b/c the conference stuff doesn’t start till noonish – then getting our resume’s read, going to some conference stuff.  Meandering, etc…Then we’ll go to LoC and out to dinner with lots of USF peeps!  Definately looking to a good time.  Then I’ll get my stuff and go home.  Sooo look for an update in a few days 🙂

Currently reading :
The Time Traveler’s Wife
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Red Wings and Green Grass

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1) WE WENT TO DETROIT AND WATCHED THE REDWINGS ROCK THE JOE!!!  Yep, definitely an awesome awesome awesome time!  The whole place was rocking and the crowd was amazing!  It was nice for once not to be the minority of cheer-ers.  I got the sweet Wing-Nut hat you see me wearing.  And an awesome Draper #33 Jersey!  I wanted a Hasek jersey but they were all out 😦 but I like Draper just as much so it’s allll good.  Plus I got a book called “The ABC’s of Red Wings Hockey” that Matthew and I will read to our kids every night, even if they don’t want too!  lol.  Maybe Matthew and I will go to another game….soon 🙂

Green Grass?? Yes! We finally have grass!!!  Although if we don’t water it, it turns brown 😦  They installed the sod two days ago and since then, we’ve been sucking all the water from the ohio river and putting it on our lawn.  We now own 5 sprinklers and hoses….yeah it’s NUTS.  So if you need a sprinkler or hose in the near future, don’t buy new ones, buy one of my old ones!  PLEASE!!!
Speaking of which, I should probably go and switch the water…

Lets see…what else….oh yeah, there is work and school.

Work – Good, I like it – ppl are pretty nice and I enjoy working with the kids.  I actually enjoy getting up real early and working for a few hours and then going back later in the day.  It’s pretty nice.

School – Well two points.  I got my grades from last semester: A, A, A-!  YIPPPEEEEEE.  The A- was in Res. Meth. which I was sure I’d bomb.  So my Cumu. GPA is 3.91!  I’ve never had high grades like that!  But i’m kinda ticked b/c I didn’t get into NHS…and thought it was automatically done!  Grrr…But I think this means I can graduate Magna Cum Laude.  Or Maybe just Cum Laude….I dunno….doesn’t matter too much b/c 1) I won’t be walking at graduation and 2) I still have 11 weeks of school left, and we haven’t even started yet!!! My teachers are going to kill me….

Which is the last topic – school, this semester.  EVERY FREAKING TEACHER has said in an email to us lovely students: “This semester will require a lot of work and focus – YOU HAVE TO STAY ON TASK and do all your homework on time.  Don’t get behind!” HOWEVER, I already feel behind, and the semester hasn’t even started!!!  Not FAIR.  I think that’s cheating professor so-and-so!  OH well….I guess I should go kill another tree so that I’m not locked out of the classroom tomorrow. (print off so many papers you would think I was a share-holder).

Okay – that’s all – all-in-all, pretty darn stinking happy.

Oh and yesterday was our 11 month anniversary 😀 30 days till 1 year!!

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Super Paper Mario
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