Best part of my previous week…

I know it’s late but I have to share this story.  So I was visiting Kari, Jarrett and Seth for a quick moment and was holding seth – I was gently bouncing him and then patted him on the back and the little s#!t vomitted down my dress, no not ON my dress, DOWN my dress.  Eww but at the same time pretty funny.

I am hardcore jonesing for a wii fit but no one freaking has one!!! If you see one, buy it for me, mail it to me and I’ll give you a check for $100.00 – but it has to be new.  Don’t want to smell other ppls feets when I do my YoGa.

Work rocks – I really really really reallllllly! Like it!  I think someone should videotape me this next week as I overhaul the children’s side of the library – for serious!

I also think our country is overrun with morons.  Like those ppl who believe anything Fox spNews says…Ohh you say Obama is a muslim terrorist?  That’s exactly why our law enforcement ppls thought it would be better for him to attempt to run the USA then send him to gitmo.  Right….. Seriously ppl, please remove your heads from your a$$es and educate yourselves!  Do you even know what stories are on the front page of the newspaper (I mean like a wallstreet journal or something more global) Do you know where Iraq is on the map?  Do you know the different branches of the government and what they do (and better yet, why the patriot act cripples the government that has done a decent job of keeping us safe??) ugh It really boils my blood for people to spout ignorant “truths” and be damn near willing to die for those “truths” Yet they won’t pick up a real book, or newspaper, or even history book to educate themselves.

/end rant

So that’s about it – I have 3 baby things to make for 3 lucky ppl…2 in October and 1 in ?? (after october thank goodness!)

Oh I forgot to share my truly favorite story of this past week! Since matthew and I celebrated 2 yrs of marriage…we had decided not to exchange gifts (we’ve made some pretty pricy purchases that probably would have been gifts if we had been more patient, alas…) so I got matthew a pretty sweet cake shaped EXACTLY like the Red wings logo (I think blogged this before, with the intent of a picture to be posted but I am a slacker and have failed to do such) but the cake was for us, so not really a gift.  I gave him a card and that was all.  I get home from girls night around 9 and matthew sooo slyly requests that I go upstairs to the movie shelves and find “A white dvd, near the Aquateen hunger force, but oh shoot, I forgot the name” So i go look and see a little white case with “Happy Anniversary Gift” on the spine.  I take it out and he wrote me a lovely letter that I will treasure always.  Then I opened it and inside was Indiana Jones Lego Adventure game for the wii!  He has also deemed this something we cannot play without each other so of course we’ve been playing it all week long 😛  Seriously I love this kid.

Alright that’s really it. Good night folks!



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  1. matthew said

    kid? it’s a kickass game, anybody would like it!

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