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Soo in the yarncraft podcast I had heard about something called and it sounded really neat, but when I went to the page they were/are only in beta so I had to sign up for the “please invite me” list. Welllll when I got on vacation I was surprised to find out that I HAD been invited!!! I’m sooo excited and I’ve been playing with that just as much as I’ve been spending time with family, okay maybe more time online :-P. This site is like the myspace/facebook of crocheter’s and knitters! It’s really awesome! I can put my works in progress (WIP’s), things I’ve finished, my stash of yarn, etc….they also have groups and forums so I can talk to people who know what I’m dealing/talking about! It’s almost as good as having a group of needle-ists!

Also I’m going to try and put in a video of Nikki playing guitar hero – we finally got it for the wii and totally love it – I even got Kate to get it so we can play long distance when she moves to Mass.

Other things in my life – we went to the Georgia aquarium and had a great time! We even did the behind the scenes and it was super cool. I’ve also decided to do a scrapbook of our aquarium adventures! I think that would be fun ~ we’ve been to sooooo many!

Matthew and I are doing well… I think we definitely needed a vacation, but now I don’t want to go back to work – just let me sleep, crochet and eat all day and I’d be as happy as a lark.

Alright that’s it for now, I’ll ttyl!

Peace, Anna


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