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Birthday fun!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated and I thought I’d let you all know about my 25th birthday (wow I’m old).  One of the first gifts I got was from my MIL – I got an air purifier! I’m hoping that will help me sleepbetter at night.  Then my next gift was from Katie and it was a book…one I DIDN’T want to read “Twilight”by Stephenie Meyer.  I don’t like Vampire books and the like so I told her I wouldn’t read it, but she decided that as my birthday gift I had to read it.  And I did and I really enjoyed it, so much so thatI went out and got the second book of the series and read it almost instantly (I had to sleep for a few hours, but had it completed before returning to work) Now I’m waiting to borrow book 3 and 4 from a co-worker so I can finish this tale.

The best gifts I’ve recieved so far come from Matthew (and I’m still waiting in the dark for my third gift from him).  The first gift he gave me was a Crochet book…but not just any crochet book – he took the time to browse throughbooks and see which he thought would best suit my tastes.  That was the most thoughtful and touching thing.  Then the next gift (and all my crafty friends are way jealous) he signed me up for Webs ( Skein of the Month club!!  During the 3rd week of the month I’ll receive a skein of yarn and a pattern! Woooot!  So when I know what the third gift is I’ll have to let you know if it tops this one or not!

I also recieved gifts from other family and friend members and am also waiting to see what my parents are sending me 🙂  I’m excited!

So that’s all – I’m 25 now and pretty freakin happy with my life, my family, my friends, and most importantly my husband.  I’ll try and update sooner rather then later!

Ciao, Anna


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Soo in the yarncraft podcast I had heard about something called and it sounded really neat, but when I went to the page they were/are only in beta so I had to sign up for the “please invite me” list. Welllll when I got on vacation I was surprised to find out that I HAD been invited!!! I’m sooo excited and I’ve been playing with that just as much as I’ve been spending time with family, okay maybe more time online :-P. This site is like the myspace/facebook of crocheter’s and knitters! It’s really awesome! I can put my works in progress (WIP’s), things I’ve finished, my stash of yarn, etc….they also have groups and forums so I can talk to people who know what I’m dealing/talking about! It’s almost as good as having a group of needle-ists!

Also I’m going to try and put in a video of Nikki playing guitar hero – we finally got it for the wii and totally love it – I even got Kate to get it so we can play long distance when she moves to Mass.

Other things in my life – we went to the Georgia aquarium and had a great time! We even did the behind the scenes and it was super cool. I’ve also decided to do a scrapbook of our aquarium adventures! I think that would be fun ~ we’ve been to sooooo many!

Matthew and I are doing well… I think we definitely needed a vacation, but now I don’t want to go back to work – just let me sleep, crochet and eat all day and I’d be as happy as a lark.

Alright that’s it for now, I’ll ttyl!

Peace, Anna

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