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Red Wings and Green Grass

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1) WE WENT TO DETROIT AND WATCHED THE REDWINGS ROCK THE JOE!!!  Yep, definitely an awesome awesome awesome time!  The whole place was rocking and the crowd was amazing!  It was nice for once not to be the minority of cheer-ers.  I got the sweet Wing-Nut hat you see me wearing.  And an awesome Draper #33 Jersey!  I wanted a Hasek jersey but they were all out 😦 but I like Draper just as much so it’s allll good.  Plus I got a book called “The ABC’s of Red Wings Hockey” that Matthew and I will read to our kids every night, even if they don’t want too!  lol.  Maybe Matthew and I will go to another game….soon 🙂

Green Grass?? Yes! We finally have grass!!!  Although if we don’t water it, it turns brown 😦  They installed the sod two days ago and since then, we’ve been sucking all the water from the ohio river and putting it on our lawn.  We now own 5 sprinklers and hoses….yeah it’s NUTS.  So if you need a sprinkler or hose in the near future, don’t buy new ones, buy one of my old ones!  PLEASE!!!
Speaking of which, I should probably go and switch the water…

Lets see…what else….oh yeah, there is work and school.

Work – Good, I like it – ppl are pretty nice and I enjoy working with the kids.  I actually enjoy getting up real early and working for a few hours and then going back later in the day.  It’s pretty nice.

School – Well two points.  I got my grades from last semester: A, A, A-!  YIPPPEEEEEE.  The A- was in Res. Meth. which I was sure I’d bomb.  So my Cumu. GPA is 3.91!  I’ve never had high grades like that!  But i’m kinda ticked b/c I didn’t get into NHS…and thought it was automatically done!  Grrr…But I think this means I can graduate Magna Cum Laude.  Or Maybe just Cum Laude….I dunno….doesn’t matter too much b/c 1) I won’t be walking at graduation and 2) I still have 11 weeks of school left, and we haven’t even started yet!!! My teachers are going to kill me….

Which is the last topic – school, this semester.  EVERY FREAKING TEACHER has said in an email to us lovely students: “This semester will require a lot of work and focus – YOU HAVE TO STAY ON TASK and do all your homework on time.  Don’t get behind!” HOWEVER, I already feel behind, and the semester hasn’t even started!!!  Not FAIR.  I think that’s cheating professor so-and-so!  OH well….I guess I should go kill another tree so that I’m not locked out of the classroom tomorrow. (print off so many papers you would think I was a share-holder).

Okay – that’s all – all-in-all, pretty darn stinking happy.

Oh and yesterday was our 11 month anniversary 😀 30 days till 1 year!!

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