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Just a Quick update!

I haven’t updated recently and I had this super exciting thing happen to me so I thought I should update with that!

A local crochet designer and I have started a Crochet & Chat program at the library – Woohooo! And Tuesday was our first meeting.  I was totally stoked and excited and the shindig got off to a good start with 5 newbs!  Then when I was helping a co-worker out one my ASL patrons came up and asked me about the program and that she wanted to learn to crochet a blanket!  Me with my limited sign language brought her over and taught her how to Single Crochet! Woohoo!  And now I even have some ideas on how the next classes can be better and how other libraries can incorporate a positive influence for hearing impaired patrons!  I’m super excited but I need to find a ASL user who knows more signs for crochet specific terminology or else I’ll make up my own.  I’m thinking I’ll just fingerspell the abbreviations for things like SC for single crochet, and DC for double crochet.  We’ll see, I’m going to do some research and find out which would work.

And speaking of sign language I have to say how silly I am.  So I drive 45 mins to work and 45 mins home (on a good day – usually with traffic it can be 50 – 60 mins or more) and today I put on my ipod and listened to a podcast and then after that I put on some music and, lol, started signing to the music.  Which I’m sure isn’t the safest thing but it was fun and helping me to remember my signs (I really need to take an ASL class! I’m sooo rusty!)

Oh and this past weekend I was away in Atlanta for a conference called MACNA which is a fishie keeping convention 🙂 Really it’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America but it’s about fishies and keeping them so Fishie keeping convention.  It was really fun and informative and I had a good time and learned about a lot as well as Finishing two crochet projects! They are the same project, one’s a different size then the other but I’ll put the picture of the one that I had to steal a baby to take the picture.


Cool hat + stolen baby 🙂

Other things in my life – the usual – starting to think about Christmas gifts and I’d really like to make people things but I don’t think that’s really practical but we’ll see.  I also have other things on my mind but those are going to be secret for a bit longer 😉 muahahahahah I love leaving people in suspense!

OH and I almost forgot – I read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer!  I totally would not have read the book because they are about vampires but Katie gave me the first book for my b-day and I read it and LOVED it!  I then devoured the remaining 3 tomes in the few following days, literally I read 4 books in 1 week, 2 of the books were read in a day.  I’m insane, yes I know.  Thank goodness I started to read them AFTER Breaking Dawn came out or else I may have hunted down SM and made her tell me the book!  I loved reading the series and HIGHLY recommend them for everyone else!

Okay that’s all, ttyl!


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Birthday fun!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated and I thought I’d let you all know about my 25th birthday (wow I’m old).  One of the first gifts I got was from my MIL – I got an air purifier! I’m hoping that will help me sleepbetter at night.  Then my next gift was from Katie and it was a book…one I DIDN’T want to read “Twilight”by Stephenie Meyer.  I don’t like Vampire books and the like so I told her I wouldn’t read it, but she decided that as my birthday gift I had to read it.  And I did and I really enjoyed it, so much so thatI went out and got the second book of the series and read it almost instantly (I had to sleep for a few hours, but had it completed before returning to work) Now I’m waiting to borrow book 3 and 4 from a co-worker so I can finish this tale.

The best gifts I’ve recieved so far come from Matthew (and I’m still waiting in the dark for my third gift from him).  The first gift he gave me was a Crochet book…but not just any crochet book – he took the time to browse throughbooks and see which he thought would best suit my tastes.  That was the most thoughtful and touching thing.  Then the next gift (and all my crafty friends are way jealous) he signed me up for Webs ( Skein of the Month club!!  During the 3rd week of the month I’ll receive a skein of yarn and a pattern! Woooot!  So when I know what the third gift is I’ll have to let you know if it tops this one or not!

I also recieved gifts from other family and friend members and am also waiting to see what my parents are sending me 🙂  I’m excited!

So that’s all – I’m 25 now and pretty freakin happy with my life, my family, my friends, and most importantly my husband.  I’ll try and update sooner rather then later!

Ciao, Anna

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I have just redecorated the house….we got new bookshelves, which, amazingly, hold all of our books – for now.  I can only imagine in a few weeks we’ll be busting at the seams. But for now we’re good.  We just need to get some wall anchors and we’re golden.  Since we’ve replaced our existing bookcases they have been refurbished into DVD holders, a booze holder, and a picture display.  I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself.  I even placed the Bird of Paradise from the wedding over the stove and moved the red vases above the dishes.  Yep yep, I’m pretty darn smart!  With that being said I need to take new picsof the loft room/ and the living room/dining room.  Since I’ll be out of town for a few days I’m hoping to take pics before the party and uploaded soon.  Alright, that’s about it – Peace all!

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Been pretty busy these past few days, so forgive me for my delinquency.

Well I’ve been working a ton, applying a bunch, and HURRAY HURRAY I have a job interview on the 28th.  However I’ve also applied for another position and I realllly want that one, so we’ll see what happens.

My birthday is steadily approaching, only 4 more days (This friday, the 24th, my Golden Birthday!)  As I like it, I have been receiving my presents well in advance of the actual day 🙂 That way I don’t have pleasure overload ;-).  So far the awesome presents I have recieved are: Matthew – new Desk, docking station, and my brick 🙂   Helen – Some awesome new ecco shoes!!!  They are sooo sweeeet! I need them for the job interview next week so I’m breaking them in.  I’ll take a pic later this week and upload it – yes they are that sweet.

Speaking of birthdays, I am going to be having a dinner at Iron Chef Hibachi Grill Friday night – I think only 6 people can go (not including Matthew and myself) so first come first serve.  However, we’ll be having games and what not at the house afterwards and all can come for that.  But if you want to wait till the official party, Sept 1st, which is also a Graduation and labor day party, you may – I won’t cry…much 😛 Email me for info – k?thx.

On to other things that are awesome – we are finally getting a water softener!  YIPPEEEEE!!! Hard water NO MORE! and a reverse osmosis machine for our drinking water – yeah you could pee in it and have pristine clean drinking water! I’m very excited about that! I’ll be selling bottles of water for a quarter!  lol, j/k – but seriously, we don’t have them YET, we’re still waiting for the company who installs them to call us.  If we don’t hear anything tomorrow I am calling and requiring they install it for free – yes you just watch me pull that off!

And onto other things –  I’ve been reading a few books (who knew with free time what was possible!) one of the books that I am reading is “Happier” by Tal Ben-Shahar – I am enjoying it immensely!  But it’s a slow process b/c it requires you to do a little homework, which I have to admit I enjoy.   The other book I’m reading is “The Deadline” by Chris Crutcher  – a YA book that is really good!

Otherwise that has been my life – I’ve been hanging out with a co-worker and that’s been fun and interesting – Matthew and I are trying to make friends up by us since it seems like no one wants to travel to visit us.  Regardless, we’ve had a pretty good time :-).  Alright, that’s it for now – Have a good one!

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Peaceful Ahhhhhhhh

Breathe in….Breath out….Peace overflows you…

Yep that’s how I feel right now, I just finished my last class assignment for my summer classes, which means I’m finished with Grad School! I’m excited but also nervous to see how I did in the classes…so I’m holding my breathe until July 25th, when the grades have to be in.

Until then I’ll have my Harry Potter 🙂 Which I’m going to go get in about 1 hour 😀 I’ve never done the midnight release thing so it should be interesting.

UPDATE: I have my book and read it in 11 hours and 45 mins….One child from my school guessed that I could read it in 12 hours….so he gets a candy bar.  The midnight release was fun but I really dislike people who talk…err should i say Broadcast, the spoilers to people who have no choice but to listen.  It’s rude and inconsiderat and those people should be shot at with paintball guns.

But back to this whole school thing, or rather the lack thereof…

I have mixed emotions about it all. I’m very happy and exuberant that I’m finally finished, but I feel a little lonely, b/c I know I’ll have to take control of my free time. It’s not even that I’ll have to get a “real job” and “work” – that doesn’t bother me b/c I’ve done it the entire time I have been in school, undergrad and graduate. Yeah sometimes I took a few weeks off to get stuff done, but more or less I’ve worked my butt off to get thru school in 2.5 years (when it normally takes 2 years). So you could say that I’m proud of myself….b/c I deserve to be.

The other thing that worries me not being able to relax, always thinking something is due, or that I should be doing something else besides “having fun.” It will definitely be a transition. I’m still considering selling Creative Memories stuff, but not until I’ve gotten a “real” job and know what my hours are like, and after I’ve had some time to re-arrange the house some. Probably not until after Labor day, at the very least.

And now I’m trying to find a job…it’s kinda exciting being able to say, “Yes I’m a LIBRARIAN” and not have to sell myself “Yes, I am a MLIS student but I’m determined to work in libraries…” while it’s worked for me in the past, it’s not always fun and games. I have applied for one position and I’m actually excited about it – so I really hope I get an interview. Otherwise I’m still looking.

So there is this looooonnngggggg list of things “To-Do AFTER school is over…forever…” – allow me to expand:

  • Post-it note: When I have a life – Google Criss Angel (from Tara)
  • Call Rival about our seal a meal (on refrig)
  • Spend time with Matthew
  • Change my bills to different times of the month
  • Redo the guest room (move desk in, reorganize craft stuff, etc…)
  • Do some crochet projects
  • Do some scrapbooking (esp on my mom’s! Yikes!)
  • Throw away all the school stuff I don’t need
  • Reorganize my filing cabinents
  • Read the mound of books that I want to read
  • Reformat my computer
  • Play Wii..specifically Super Paper Mario
  • Have a few parties
  • See my friends
  • Go on a vacation
  • Sleep in

And I think that’s all…I definitely have many things I want to do, but we’ll see if it happens.  Okay time to shower and get ready to face the day.

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Harry Potter and School

Sooo I thought that I would write a blog about the new Harry Potter book coming out on July 21st. I do have mine on pre-order, so no worries my pretties. But I thought that I would write about what I thought was going to happen but as I thought about it I realized that I hate trying to predict what may happen…I don’t even want to think about whether or nor Harry, Ron, or Hermoine die….I don’t want to think that could happen, even if it does – I won’t be the one jinxing it. Sooo I really don’t know what is going to happen, other then Harry kicking Lord Voldemort’s butt. That’s about it. I can’t wait for it to come out – depending on what time I finish my class stuff I’ll get my book either July 20th at Midnight or the following Saturday…but I have to brave the crowds to do it :-/ We shall see.

My parents have been up here for the past few days. They bought us a sweet grill as a house warming gift and then helped us put in a patio outside! It’s sweet! And my mom planted flowers for hopefully something will grow :-< I have to say that my house is looking pretty awesome. Oh and my mom has been cleaning my kitchen 🙂 that makes me very happy. And they REALLY like our house and that makes me feel really good. I kinda wish that they lived closer to us 😦 I know my mom wants to but my dad can’t do it. Maybe in the future.

Oh and I have like 15 days until I’m done with school for GOOD! But I have a few things to get done….they are:

  • Treasure Hunt Questions – 7/15
  • Info Sources Paper – 7/16
  • Discussion Board Questions (Lead Discussion) 7/15
  • Disc. Board activity (Info Sources) – currently till the end
  • Disc Board questions for Coll Dev. – 7/10 & 7/20
  • Coll Dev Final Paper – 7/20
  • Adult Services Disc. Board Participation (3 x’s each week!!!)
  • Adult Services Final Paper: Due Tuesday of Week 10 (7/16).

Sooo that’s about it – once I get this stuff done I’m done forever!!! Woooohoooo but I need to crack down and get my butt in gear. Seriously sooo much to do! These huge projects (one in each class) are going to take a lot of energy.

Oh and I applied for a job today – so I’m hoping next week I’ll be hearing something! Keep you’re fingers crossed!

Alright sooo that’s it for a few days – TTYL!

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Books 2

I was informed that my link to my catalogue wasn’t working so I’m C&P’ing my list here – these are all the books I received at ALA – well except a few that haven’t been added yet. The ones with the $ means they were signed and the ones with * means they are freebies – Enjoy!

Check out my catalogue to see what else I have: ChieuyBananas Catalogue .

Grrrrr the c&p feature won’t work – You’ll have to give me some time to put things on here…but now my catalogue is public so it can be searched – if you search for ALA you’ll find a list of 36 or so of my books – the ones labeled giveaway are available for perusal. The ones signed are signed by the authors.

EDIT: Fixed the previous post – the links should be working correctly now.

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