Just a Quick update!

I haven’t updated recently and I had this super exciting thing happen to me so I thought I should update with that!

A local crochet designer and I have started a Crochet & Chat program at the library – Woohooo! And Tuesday was our first meeting.  I was totally stoked and excited and the shindig got off to a good start with 5 newbs!  Then when I was helping a co-worker out one my ASL patrons came up and asked me about the program and that she wanted to learn to crochet a blanket!  Me with my limited sign language brought her over and taught her how to Single Crochet! Woohoo!  And now I even have some ideas on how the next classes can be better and how other libraries can incorporate a positive influence for hearing impaired patrons!  I’m super excited but I need to find a ASL user who knows more signs for crochet specific terminology or else I’ll make up my own.  I’m thinking I’ll just fingerspell the abbreviations for things like SC for single crochet, and DC for double crochet.  We’ll see, I’m going to do some research and find out which would work.

And speaking of sign language I have to say how silly I am.  So I drive 45 mins to work and 45 mins home (on a good day – usually with traffic it can be 50 – 60 mins or more) and today I put on my ipod and listened to a podcast and then after that I put on some music and, lol, started signing to the music.  Which I’m sure isn’t the safest thing but it was fun and helping me to remember my signs (I really need to take an ASL class! I’m sooo rusty!)

Oh and this past weekend I was away in Atlanta for a conference called MACNA which is a fishie keeping convention 🙂 Really it’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America but it’s about fishies and keeping them so Fishie keeping convention.  It was really fun and informative and I had a good time and learned about a lot as well as Finishing two crochet projects! They are the same project, one’s a different size then the other but I’ll put the picture of the one that I had to steal a baby to take the picture.


Cool hat + stolen baby 🙂

Other things in my life – the usual – starting to think about Christmas gifts and I’d really like to make people things but I don’t think that’s really practical but we’ll see.  I also have other things on my mind but those are going to be secret for a bit longer 😉 muahahahahah I love leaving people in suspense!

OH and I almost forgot – I read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer!  I totally would not have read the book because they are about vampires but Katie gave me the first book for my b-day and I read it and LOVED it!  I then devoured the remaining 3 tomes in the few following days, literally I read 4 books in 1 week, 2 of the books were read in a day.  I’m insane, yes I know.  Thank goodness I started to read them AFTER Breaking Dawn came out or else I may have hunted down SM and made her tell me the book!  I loved reading the series and HIGHLY recommend them for everyone else!

Okay that’s all, ttyl!


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