Got the final grades today!

Yes, this semester I had poorer grades then previous ones, but two B’s out of 16 A’s isn’t horrible (I’m not quite sure if it’s 16, but the rest were all A’s so bite me)

Collection Development – 94 – A (YAY!)

Adult Services – 82 or 86 – B (Yay! Grade could have been higher if I had posted more but it was a short semester – I really enjoyed that class for sure.)

Info Sources for the humanities – 88 – B (Yay! I don’t know how I managed that grade…I HATED that class, mostly b/c I was rewriting the text book for the teacher and I don’t get the royalities….seriously)

So all in all I’m a pretty awesome student at this library thing 😛 When I know my official GPA I’ll post it, but lets just say it’s awesome.

Life is good – Just trying to find a job, hope I hear something by the end of this week…

Work is okay….I’m ready to start telling one coworker just how it is.  She’s crossing too many lines and my boss isn’t doing anything about it.  Besides she told me to say things to her, so I will – I just won’t be as nice any longer – I have to be direct.  I think that’s the hardest thing to do, I can drop hints till I’m blue in the face but she doesn’t get it, so I’m just going to have to say things directly and forcefully, b/c it’s become hazardous for her to be in the room.  No good.

I think I’m sick or something, I’m all head congestion-ee, and stuffed nose.  No good – but no cough, I need to go get more cold and sinus drugs b/c we’re out.

That’s about it – I have to take pictures of the house for tara, and I guess anyone else, but I need to clean first, and I won’t lie, I’m enjoying this freedom thing 😛 Like Crochetting, Playing Wii (I’m thiiiiissss close to beating Super Paper Mario! Joy!) Even Cleaning!

Alright, going to perform a nose-appendectomy.

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