So an interesting thing happened to me today…

This evening Matthew and I decided we needed to fill our need for some skyline so we went at an unusual hour (9 o’clock) and we’re sitting down chatting and waiting on our food. Out of nowhere comes this piece of paper on our table with an American Flag. I glance down at it and see something about “I am deaf” etc… Yep he’s a deaf peddler. Now since I know sign language I waved at him to get his attention and asked “Are you deaf” to which he replied “Yes” I said back to him “I know sign language and also know that these cards are bad” at which point he took the card off the table and walked over to another table – with his back to me. Around that same time a worker came over to me and I told her that what he was doing is not right. Many deaf cultures do not appreciate the peddlers b/c it makes people act as though they are less capable of normalcy, whereas deaf people are more then capable to work regular jobs. This man was basically saying – I can’t get a real job, have pity on me…I’m deaf. But that’s not right! I know MANY deaf people who work full time jobs, and they would be just as upset at this man for mis-informing people that deaf people need pity. I believe firmly that deaf people are just like us, they just live life differently – much the same way as people who use computers – there is always more then one way to do something on a computer – copy & paste, start a program, surf the net. Just b/c it’s done differently doesn’t mean it’s (they) are less fortunate.

So anyways back to my story – I was talking to the waitress and and the man was directly in front of me (I was against the wall) and the entire time he had his back to me. So I’m telling this woman that he is peddling and that it is degrading to many deaf people and explained why it is viewed as that. The man walks out of the building and around it and comes back in and starts yelling in sign language to me. Now my sign language isn’t the greatest but I think he was saying – “this is how I make my living -something something scam – who are you” kind of thing. But that’s the thing – I NEVER said to him that it was a scam – I only said it when his back was turned and that kind of clued me in to the idea that he is probably hearing and trying to make a quick buck. It’s really unfortunate b/c there is a large deaf community in both cinci and dayton and many people don’t know this b/c they rarely interact with deaf people and when they do it’s with a peddler.

Anyways that was my interesting story – nobody yell at me for having skyline – I limited myself to 1 hotdog!

Oh and I think everyone should read this blog I found – it’ll do a better job of explaining why peddling is negative and from a deaf persons perspective. Selling me Short

Night all!


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  1. Fascinating! I’ve never seen or even heard of “deaf peddlers.” I read the “Selling Me Short” article after looking at your blog and I must say that I think you handled yourself very well. It’s creepy that that guy came back in to “yell” at you, though. Good thing your hubby was there!

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