A Lego Brick?!

Yes, that’s right folks – I am the proud new owner of a red lego brick….Now you may say, but Anna a lego brick is nothing, you can get one for a quarter – oh contrare (sp?) my friend!

THIS is the lego brick, I speaketh of:

This is normal looking brick is really a 250 GB USB 2.0 Harddrive – yes a harddrive one could play with 🙂 Isn’t it pretty!

So why do I have this? Well 1 because it was my birthday gift from Matthew – Thanks Chieu! and 2 I really need a lot of space for all my pictures and music – already my hard-drive on my new reformatted laptop was reaching 45% full….without what I had on before. Sooo that’s why – Isn’t it beautiful????

Also, does anyone have a basement they want to finish? I know the right people – Owen Corning – Seriously it’s some goooood stuff -I’d have my basement done in it within a heartbeat but I want a deck first. So if anyone is interested please let me know – I’ll get you the best sales persons in the world – seriously a great man with integrity, now how many door to door salespeople can you say that of??

Okay that’s all, I’m off to bed – night all!


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