Away from Keyboard…

Sorry I’ve been away from the keyboard, been kinda busy with upgrading my computer and reformatting it…I seriously had 3% of my 80 Gig hard drive left…..which isn’t a lot. So the computer was wiped out, and I’ve been rearranging the rooms so that I can take more pictures this week.

Landon II Floorplan (click me to see a picture!)

I did, however, scan an image of the floorplan of our home.  The first thing you see is the upper level.  The part that is circled is our layout, so put that over the drawing below it.  We do not have the optional half round window, but we do have the optional wood rails…very fancy!

On the first floor there are a lot of marks so bear with me…. We do have the optional breakfast bay, the optional luxury master bath with optional second sink, the optional powder room, the optional gas burning fireplace, the 2′ bump to great room/dining room, and the full front porch.  We do not have the optional service door….all the other marks were me playing house and sketching where things could go.

Oh and I should mention that our house is flipped, so hold the image up to a mirror and you’ll really see how our house looks 😛

Enjoy! I hope to get more pictures up this week, so yell at me if I don’t!



  1. Matthew said

    The link to the floor plan doesn’t work.

  2. librariananna said

    Try again…it works for me – you click on it, then click on the picture, and then click on the picture again to see it full sized – email me if it still won’t work. – make sure you click on the text that says Landon II floorplan

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