I guess I’ll update now

I’m in class right now and decided I’d update…what the hey, my teacher can’t keep me up, might as well try my darndest to keep myself away. I’m so sleepy for some reason and I have no real reasom to be. Things are going well but I’m gonna start spazzin in the next few days. We are 109 days from the wedding EEK! But we did pick out our wedding bands (they look soo good) I got my body suit thingy that will suck in my fat and perk up my boobs and my shoes which are steve madden’s (which doesn’t mean much to me but yeah…) I got my new contacts today and they look good i think, well my eyeballs look good 😛 I should have enough contacts to last me till at least the wedding. Anyway, I’m gonna jet and try and stay awake durin this class. I’m just really happy about my shoes, and rings and body suit things…Oh and I got my nails done french manicure style….I likey. So does the chieu, it’s all good. Alright that’s all. Ciao.


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