well then…

So a quick update to help me procrastinate more….(i have a paper and presentation due at 6 tonight, it’s 11 am and i haven’t even started the paper…nor do i care to…)

So i’m excited b/c i just finished my first grad class and i’m pretty sure I did so with flying colors at the very least a B but i think i did better then that. I’m almost done with my second class and then my third will officially be done a week from today. Joy! and in seven days me and the chieu will be on our way up to OHIO!!! Yay!!

So lets talk about the good news today:
About two weeks ago I had a pair of pants that fit but were pretty snug. After wearing these pants for an hour or so I had indents in my stomach from the pants. A little snug but not unbearable. Well yesterday I wore these same pants and viola I can pull off my pants without un buttoning them! Yippeee! and I had to break out my old pants so that i have clothes to wear…lol Go weightwatchers!

However, a little bittersweet:
I’m down enough in my weight that WW has moved down my points…I used to be allowed 24 points a day, but now I’m only allowed 22 pts/day. It’s good b/c it’ll help me loose even more but now I’m really forcing myself to find foods that work. eek!

Plus I only have 9 lbs to go to lose the rest of my weight for my christmas goal!!! I can do it!

Matthew and I are thinking about trying to run a 5k or something. Now mind you I’ve NEVER run before in my life. But on WW I found a plan that could work but we have to push ourselves. Maybe it will work. Oh and I really want to go hiking…like really bad. I know i’m strange.

Oh and speaking of Matthew…He’s so damn cute and I love him to death. He’s really been supportive of me these past few days and that really means a lot to me.

Okay I gotta go. Ciao!

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