I just saved $900 switching to Geico!!

Seriously! We’re paying almost $2000 for insurance with one company but I called Geico and found out that we can get the same service for less then $1000! YAY! That’s two drivers and two cars! Part of the discounts come from the fact that I’m a member of the ALA (www.ala.com). So Yes I rock. I’m gonna call a few others and find out where other insurance providers stand.

Other good news… I busted my ass today working out. I did jazzercise like whoa intense so that was good and then I did a half hour on the bike tonigh! and I walked!! oh yeah 😉

I did have a sucky day at work b/c i tried to help someone out and that person verbally attacked me. Not cool. Want to know more about the situation, then call me.

Oh I had a nice wake up this morning 🙂 It was nothing special but Matthew woke up with all smiles and that made me happy – and he nibble on my fingers and cheeks….It was funny like a little puppy biting a chew toy. It really made my day start out well.

So noww that I went in reverse of my day let me fill in some things i missed. Matthew and I put a down payment on a washer and dryer! YAY!!! it’s 150 for both but the woman is leaving in december and needs it till then so we’ll pay the rest of it when we go get it before christmas. They are in really good shape so thats great. Anywho, I think that’s about it. I’m ready to crash. Muah!

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