My nervous breakdown

So I definately experienced my first nervous breakdown with USF. Reason why, you ask? Well let’s start with Monday: 2 papers, an interview for another paper, meeting with professor, tuesday: Work, and homework for wednesday Wednesday: Homework due…at the library all day Thursday: work and my interview with Jacaranda for the position I REALLY REALLY WANT! Friday: work and prep for my saturday class meeting Saturday: storytelling assignment in Tampa…in which i must regale a story with out the book EEK! Sunday: work, breath, and pick classes for next semester.

So yeah that pretty much sums it up….However good things have happened today – the lovely Lady I interviewed told me that she would e-mail the person interviewing me on thursday and put in a good word. How awesome! So that’s my week in a nutshell and why I’m spazzing out.

One good thing – Matthew is looking at a new car…Possibly a Camry…:-) that would make me happy, esp if it’s an automatic so I can drive it…Alright that’s all


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