10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1.) I love going bare foot especially when I’m working on homework or real work, but I hate walking barefoot outside because of the dirt.
2.) I really want to be on the Amazing Race just to travel with my partner but I think I’d kill my oppenents which would be bad
3.) I like to learn new things but I love doing it on my own. Like Knitting and Crochetting – I wanted to learn them on my own – it’s me being independent
4.) I like walking, a lot
5.) I get scared about the stupidest stuff when I’m alone…Like the AC will run and I think a scary man is standing over my bed with a knife…
6.) I really enjoy putting together furniture by myself. I enjoy using the tools and finding out how things fit together
7.) I’m really afraid of failing grad school :-8.) I can’t handle washing my hands and not putting on lotion…okay I can’t help not putting on lotion every minute of the day
9.) I’m picky about shopping and there are not many people I really enjoy shopping with but I’ll shop with anyone
10.) My most preferred position for sleeping is one leg in and one leg out…So I don’t get too cold or too hot.

If you enjoyed this, do it yourself!!! Oh and let me know if you knew any of these….Let’s see how secretive I really am. 🙂


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