An update of sorts

So to procrastinate more I decided to update here. In one week I have lost 7lbs. YAY! I really hope weight watchers online will work for me. I’m doing pretty good. And it really gives me an incentive to exercise.

Work as been kinda crappy. It’s okay, I love helping people but I’m getting so aggrivated with some of the people I work with and it makes me want to throw up my hands and walk away. I’m not paid enough to deal with this kind of crap! However, the down side is the one jog I did apply for and would have really liked, i was denied for….because they were able to find someone who could work full time right now. However I got the feeling that they really wanted me to apply again and soon….so I’ll be doing that. It kinda sounded like I was the person they had in mind for it. oh well we’ll see.

The other thing that’s annoying me is my inability to get my homework done and well the amount of homework i have… yuck…I think it’s time to use the dry erase board. Yeah I think i’m going to do that right now…Oh, well, any words of encouragment would be greatly appreciated…I could use some now….

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