hmm update

So I’ve decided to update because it’s been a while…

Busy with school and tomorrow I’ll be busy doing catch up…woops…:-
Work has been a freakin rollercoaster, some days good, some days bad, some people okay, other people beggin me to pull out all my hair. I’m still looking for a new job and I had 2 interviews this past week. The first one I thought was GREAT! I connected with the interviewee’s and answered all their questions amazable. The second one (tonight) was eh, so-so…I definately felt a lacking of connection there but I got to see my mom and dad so that was good. The awesome thing…When I got home there was a message from the Jaca Library asking for an interview that I REALLY want. So Hopefully I’ll be able to convey that and convince them that I am the one they want!

Personal stuff….I’ve started weight watchers. I’m really happy with it too! I’m using my palm to update and watch it when i’m away from home and all I have to do is type in the info then hot sync it and updates the webpage. It’s great b/c I can go to the bathroom at work and chill for a few while I enter in my info 😛 (Hey don’t lie now…we all do it!) I decided to sign up for it after hearing so many people who liked it and worked for them. It was kind of impulsive but I’m really glad I did it. I was getting depressed realizing how much I was out of shape. Now I have been riding the bike almost every day and it truly is an incentive for me to work out. If anyone wants to know more info then just let me know….It’s really good. Hopefully in a few weeks I”ll be able to tell you that I lost some more weight. That would be excellent. I think I already lost 5 lbs. (i measured on monday and tonigh measured and it was definately 5 lost lbs but i don’t know if it’s my weight fluctuating or me really working it off, I hope the latter…)

Anywho, I think that’s a substantial update. OH Matthew and I are doing well. I’m so happy with him. He really is an amazing person. I hope everyone is well! muah*

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