hmm stuff to think about

So today at work I was told by my boss that I would make a great manager and that if “this librarian thing doesn’t work out” to seek him out. So that’s good. However I’m pretty sure I want to be a librarian and that I would do pretty well at that. Well to be honest I think I’d do an amazing job at just about anything.

Speaking about the librarian job, I’ve applied for a youth librarian position. I really hope I get it. It would be a full time job with benefits at a library that’s like 1/8th of a mile away. I could walk to work in like 5 minutes. But I should probably stop getting my hopes up…I probably won’t get it because I don’t have the experience that I need. Grumble….

Eh I think that’s about it for today…nothing really to rant or rave about other then me needing more sleep but I that’s an easy fix, as soon as CSI is over.

Oh btw matthew is insane – he’s going nuts over the Red Wings…It’s nice to have my chieu back 😉 oh and he’s gonna be making some kick ass program for work – YAY!


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