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So I know that I suck at updating….this is obvious so lets do a general overview:
My name is Anna
I’m 21
I live in Dayton, OH
I’m marrying the man of my dreams on June 9, 2006, his name is Matthew
I’ll be moving to florida after that.
I graduated from UD this past May
I will be attending University of South Florida this August via the net for my Masters in Librarian Science.
I work at the YMCA as a teacher, and I really enjoy it – The kids are great and definately a joy/headache everyday – but I know that I feel good doing the work I do with the kids.

Now for the more specific:
This weekend I went to florida to look for places for matthew and I to live in. We went to many places, and as chance has it, the last place we visited was the one we chose. Of course I just stumbled upon this place after we had already decided on another one…I’m just lucky like that. The first day, Friday, we went and saw two places. The first place SUCKED. I wish i would have told the bitch to kiss my ass and give her a piece of my mind. I’m sorry but if I SCHEDULE an apt with you on Mon of that week for friday at 5 you better fucking have an apt to show me…especially if you have a model apt! but no, they fucking rented it out. Grumble…If the bitch would have been my employee I would have fired her ass. The second place was better – Very friendly and willing to answer all my questions.
Saturday: Extremely busy day – we went everywhere – from englewood to bradenton, about 50+ miles. Many highs and lows, unfortunately the low was many of the nice apts that we liked were turning into condos…not what we wanted. However at the end of the day I had found the apt that I love. We had orginally decided on the Falls of Venice in Venice, FL so we went to scope out the area (find the important things like the library :-D) as we were driving around we saw the sign for the library on the left but I was in the right hand lane with lots of traffic so I turned right and turned around in a park…well as I was leaving I saw another apt place, Woodmere Park Apts. Well we went in and the guy was super nice. The place was beautiful but the only thing was we could not see an apt – they were at 100% capicity, so we looked online at there virtual tour. I was definately excited about this place but matthew was on the fence (resonable so – he has to live in these apts until we’re married, and then I move in.) So we went to my family’s place and rode on the new boat (very nice) The next day was sunday and we spent the day on the boat with my parents. Matthew got seasick and I got sun burnt…probably more like sunpoisioning since I’m blistering but whatever, i was an idiot and didn’t put on sunscreen, now I know better. That night we drove up to the apts to see how they were after hours…I was definately more comfortable with the apts b/c it was just nicer and friendlier and less scary. Monday we flew home and spent like 4+ hours at altanta airport….

Today is Tuesday and that meant I worked and came home. I’m tired and worn out so I’m gonna go, but a few more things first.

I’m really excited about florida. Every part of my body wants to move in with Matthew right now, even the part that says, “you have a wedding to plan” says “fuck that, move to florida and plan from there” These are going to be the most trying times right now.

On another note, I’m not sure I’m excited about the 4th or not. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m not. I know I’m an American through and through but I feel like Bush’s definition of “American” is not me. I feel like Bush is saying “You’re either with us or against us” instead of “Land of the free.” I’m sorry but Bush is a babbling idiot who embarresses me and the rest of America. When I think of myself as an American I am not proud of that fact, I’d rather hide it. However when I think of myself as a free-thinking, liberal and unconditional loving American I am proud. I only wish the rest of the nation would see what negative actions we are having on other countries – We never used to get involved
in other peoples problems, but now we are fighting like we are in a jihad for Bush’s Jesus. It is such bullshit that people don’t use there brains that God gave them to research and search out the truth, instead of taking things for face value and then pissing on the others who do use there brains properly. Grr, I’m so annoyed with close-minded conservatives. Alright I’m out, I have a lot of shit to get done. Night


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