Yay! Excitedness!

So things are turning up for me…

Almost done!! Yay!!!
Still have yet to hear from the grad school….but I’m sure I’ll get in

Things are looking up, sort of…
I’m gonna call tomorrow (well today) and see if can get an appointment with the YMCA
Kings Island called me back – but I’m not sure about that one.
Hopefully this B. Dalton booksellers one will pan out….I think I made a good impression on the manager. I’ll call this friday if I don’t hear from him before.

Yay! I have an abode to live in for a year…now lets hope that I have the money to pay for it….:-\
I will be residing at Centerville Park Apartments. If you want the address, e-mail me and I’ll send it your way. It’s gonna be tight!

Other stuff:
I don’t remember the rest – 😛 leave me love!

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