soo, it’s been a while…

So I decided that it’s been toooo long since I’ve updated this thing.

This week:
I’m burned out from classes and school in general. I want a break and I know others feel the same way as I do. I have two teachers who are just piling on the homework like there is no tomorrow – one teacher I love b/c he’s a great guy but the other one ugh I hate him. And I thought that this week would be smoother since I’d be done with my stress today but alas I now have two papers and a presentation for one class on thursday 😦 Oh well, 3 more days, 3 more days.

Also I should be finding out soon whether Em, Becky and I got the apt we signed up for. I really hope we do – althought I’m definately afraid of how I’m going to pay for everything. Oh and I’m also trying to find a job like a whoa – along with a possible job in ky – I sent a kick ass cover letter, resume, and contacts sheet to them so we’ll see. I plan to call by friday I think. The job would be awesome because it would be working with children and books in an outreach program. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh and matthew’s b-day is coming up soon – I’m really excited b/c I had a great idea and it’s coming off pretty well so we’ll see how happy he is this weekend πŸ˜€

Oh and the future:
I’ll be living with Emmie and becky in a three bedroom apt for a year here in Dayton. After the wedding I’ll be moving to Fla. I’m hoping to get into the University of South Florida’s Master’s program for librian science. I’ll start that up here in Ohio via online courses and then when I’m in fla take classes at the tampa campus and graduate allll over again. OH YEAH – I’m graduating this May! YIPPEEE I got my cap and gown – which is totally new to me. πŸ˜› Hmm which reminds me I should probably send out invitations…

Oh and the reason I’m moving to florida is because Matthew got an AWESOME job and they want him down there, which will be great – 1) b/c i’ll be by my family and 2) HELLO can we say BEACHES, WATER, and SUN! πŸ˜€ oh and last but definately not least, SAMANTHA!!!! Yay!

For Spring break Matthew, Greg and I are going to D.C. and we are gonna have fun and see Miss Megan! I’m really excited. So I think that’s about all.
If anyone knows how to get rid of the laziness in me, leave me a comment – I’m completely out of ideas.


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