So lets talk about today. Crappy day – All i wanted to do was go to a ski chalet somewhere in the Alps, sit in front of a roaring fireplace with a blanket and book. Also a cup of hot cocoa. I wanted no one to know me (cept matthew) and I wanted to hear only the fireplace. Man if that were to happen I think I would never have left and it would have totally made my day. Unfortunately I’m a college student with not enough money and waayy too much homework (speaking of which…what the hell am i doing here! :-P) But after work I went home and get ready for guitar. I went to guitar and my teacher totally turned my day upside down. I’m learning to play the song, End of the Innocence by Don Henley. The Lyrics are really apropo for present day Americans. Granted he wrote it about Reagan but it applies to today as well. But the best part is that my teacher told me I have a great voice for the song and that I sound great! Not once but three times did he tell me that!! That made me sooo HAPPY!!!! So now that everyone knows why I’m happy I can do homework.

Oh but on the down side: Bush is being inaugurated tomorrow….I’m protesting in spirit back here in O-hi-o.

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