Marianist Hall Day 1

So I’m procrastinating and writing in here instead of taking a shower, the reason: I can’t close my windows at all! There are 2-1 in the stairwell and the other in the bathroom. They are both wide open and it’s 58 % outside-normally I could handle that but I’ve been in a building where they are regulating the temperature to a nice 65% inside! and I was there from 3pm-1am-so i’m already chilled. I’m afriad if i take a shower right now (which would help me unwind and it would be realllly hot) that my nipples and areolias would be so hard that i could cut diamond, preferably not the one on my hand but i don’t have many options…So yeah i’m trying to psych myself up for this one…i think i’ll just use a blow-dryer on my body right afterwards..that might work.

Anywho onto the first day of training and desk work at marianist hall
I trained about 4 people today (i think…) It was great! I am going to have the most awesomest desk staff ever! They are super friendly! So it’s talk about the day there!
I trained, and lost my voice…gonna make training tomorrow really interesting :-/
I worked from 3pm – 1am
First of all the first issue for the building was a lady coming in saying, I called the cops but so you konw there are some kids on the roof. Well luckily Emily was there while I was so I went to check all the top floors and see if I could find how they got up there-b/c i was sure the cops didn’t know where the release was-it’s a new building and all. So I planned on just checking the normal spots, any open doors and the stairwells (marycrest has their’s like that) well I did and I couldn’t find any way to the roof. The only other idea would be the post office/bank/bookstore but that seemed highly unlikely because they should have all been locked. Then I thought maybe a ladder and had the security guy go and look the perimeter for it….no luck. So now we don’t know if there was any people up there or not…..oh well. It was funny tho-first night the building was open and people already breaking onto the roof. Really i am just jealous that I didn’t get to go up there myself. Oh well-I’m sure I’ll find the hatch one of these days. 😛

Then there was the security guard…very nice friendly guy but definately a lecturer and talker….which is fine but i had work to do-but he was nice and I know he’ll always look out for me now-no matter what.

I also trained the new night time lady….I really don’t know where they find these people. I think they are just hiring them from a pool of Mentally handicap people. Don’t get me wrong. She was very very very nice. I like her a lot but I question her competency at the desk. There are some people who you can teach things to and you know they got it, but others it’s like they need to learn it some other way and even just walking them through it, even role-playing, won’t get it into their heads. It’s like they are airy or something. I dunno. Maybe after I graduate I’ll apply for a night receptionist position b/c then i could work on my homework/class stuff online while I work (b/c my classes will be online) and that would be cool since I’d be able to have some day time free. Oh well we’ll see.

So I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting but that hot shower is calling me. For some reason my shoulders and back are really, really sore but it’s not from lifting things b/c i’ve not been-i’m not allowed yet. I think it’s from all the stress of this week…but i’m really relieved so that’s great. Anywho, to the cold bathroom for a hot shower. Night all!

PS-I heart my IPI peeps….Love to Jeaninne, Christine and Jewell…..Miss you all much! I promise to stop in the week!

Oh and one more story about sami:
I love sami to death-everyone knows that. But this is too funny. I started to bleed in my mouth last night in the middle of the night around 2:45 am. (this is normal for me since I got my tonsils taken out-It just lets me know that my scab on my throat fell off) So i woke up and went into sami’s room to wake her up, b/c I needed her help. Well I s
hake her and say, Sami sami, wake up. She lifts her head off her pillow, looks at me and says, what? I said, I’m bleeding in my mouth She says, “I can’t do anything aobut it right now, go to bed and we’ll take care of it in the morning” and hten rolls back over. I’m dumbfounded and bewildered but I was like, um okay. So i got my ice broken up and hten went to sleep after I spit out clear stuff and no more blood. So in the morning I go to sami and I said, “you suck-leave me to bleed in the mddle of the night” (Or soemthing like that) and she is like what??? and then i told her, but she didn’t remember me coming and talking to her or her talking to me! She sleep talks!!!! Next time I’m gonna just lick her hands or face, whatever I can reach….well maybe not lick if i’m bleeding from the mouth-that’d be gross but I could wipe my boogers on her.

Okay for real! I’m going to bed!

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