it’s oh 6:15 in the morn and my alarm is going to go off at umm 8am. So in less then 2 hours I will be getting ready for work. HOwever this is not the unfortunate circumstance of waking up early, oh no, it’s the rotten circumstance of not going to bed….well let me rephrase that, I went to be, and then i got up and did something else and then i went to bed and then i got up again and then i went to bed. Each of those times that I went to bed i was not able to sleep….lucky me! Mostly because of my cough and fear that I was going to have a puking fit again like I did earlier (NOT COOL) I did however finish my book “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” Book No. 2 and am eager to read the 3rd book, as soon as i get my hands on it. I also went through my italy pictures again to give some of the people pictures to someone else so that was fun and yeah, that’s about it, i’ve done a ton of tossing and turning and now my throat is starting to hurt so it’s not cool anymore.

Oh lucky me! the birds just started to chirp outside! yeah it’s 6:30 am. I’ve tried just about everyting to get to sleep and with no avail….I’ve doped up on tylenol pain killer, i’ve gargled chloroseptic, I”ve taken chloroseptic lozenges, 2 types of cough drops, i’ve tried just laying there, i’ve tried to think of happy things (like my future wedding :-D) but nothing has worked!!!!! ahhhhhh me frustrated but at the same tiem exhausted but not exhausted, go fig!

Anywho i’m going to go rest my eyes…..since i can’t get a good night sleep and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to rest after work….we’ll see tho. bye bye

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