Bourbon Street, well not really more like Beauty Street

Yeah I’m being girlie, did my nails (sort of) and played with my face (not like it helped any…)

My sister left me today 😦 Sad Anna 😦 Her and will, which btw, he’s a pretty cool guy. Kate was kinda a bitch to me today but it’s okay she apologized so 😛 I think thou i’m gonna get her a GPS for her birthday/x-mas hehe. Work has been really crazy b/c one of the people that works there as a director of a program left and we (julie and I) have to go through her files….and there are like 6 file cabinents worth of it and probably half of that is just duplicates! Ahhhhh soooo tedious. Anywho after 6 hours of work yesterday Julie and I couldn’t see straight, it was bad. okay well i’m gonna go to sleep i think….btw can i say i LOVE OVAL OPUS!

Oh and i love Matthew, he makes me so happy even when he’s not so happy….i love you

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