what i want

I need a few things; here is my shopping list:
~A sewing machine box ($20 at walmart but i want to check Linens and things since i have a 20% off coupon)
~another laundry basket so that I have something to fold my laundry into…probably from walmart, $1.97
~Starbucks, right now I want a drink but it would be cool to own a store too
~going along with the stores I want a Barnes and Noble or a books & co. probably a books & co. b/c they are the coolest
~oh and a graeters because I have to have my tonsils out and then i wouldn’t have to pay for the ice cream or only pay at cost.
~I really want an Ipod Mini (MOM) you know for my birthday.
~I want a new palm but only b/c they charge themselves adn I don’t have to buy batteries
~I want a down pillow to match my down matress maybe even a down comforter. That’d be cool
~I wouldn’t mind a different job….or for this one to end quickly, or for certain people to be fired…..ugh
~I really wouldn’t mind being put on “what not to wear” on TLC (www.tlc.com) so that I can have $5000 to get a new wardrobe and someone to tell me what looks good on me.
~along with the tlc theme I wouldn’t mind doing the Clean sweep show, but since I live in a shitty ud house i can’t…
~I would like some migraine medicine to numb my head and give me a reason to leave work…

but I think that is all for me….and my needy self….tell me what you want/need 🙂 but it doesn’t mean i’ll get it for you 😉

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