So I have to say some people roxor’s my boxor’s:
The ‘Chieu

I went to work, sam picked me up from work to steal some cinder blocks. Ben and kory were awesome and helped us bring them up and set them in the room so sami has a vaulted bed. Then I hung out with the chieu and had some din-din which was yum-scrum-did-a-lee-ump-tious. Then we went and got some Cold stone, yay for free Ice Cream. Then I came home and bummed around, watched a good episode of NCIS and the Big Brother 5 too, then sami came over and we started working on the room but realized that the dumb asses of last year only had one pin for the bunk beds so they screwed in the rest, that’s when Sami and I got smart and called the loyal gentlemen of ETPi (if you want their numbers 2 of them are available and I would highly recommend them) who came over in a jiffy and helped sami and I de-bunk the beds and put Megan’s bed in the other room. Then sami and I got energetic and moved my desk then decided what the hell let’s move my bed and dresser. SO yeah now my bed is on a different wall. All we have left to move is one of the desks for megan but that shouldn’t be too hard. Although I did drop the dresser on my toe….ouch! But all in all it was a good night and I have some pretty freakin awesome friends. I really can’t wait for my Sarah and Megan’s to get home-I’m lonely without them, I’m playing some oval opus for you girls!!! Right now I have Get out of here on and it’s now your theme song…..

Anywho, it’s waaayyy too late (1:30 am) and I ahave to be up tooo early…so yeah to bed for me. Night night!

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