New Room

Okay so this is a work in progress but it’s slowly coming along.  Sami and I moved around the room and at the moment it looks like a crazy monkey went through and had to touch everything but then threw it….so yeah here’s the pics.

I dunno why the color split like this but it did…

This is my desk and my bed under my AC unit

Again dunno what’s up with the splitting…that’s my bed and the closet


again with the splitting but the oh well…this is a pic of megan’s dresser with my dresser next to it the spot next to the dresser on the right will be where megan’s computer will probably go. 

Don’t know why this one won’t load….but if it ever does it is a pic of the space megans computer will probably go and the doorway to the study room/megan’s room

This is megan’s room, sort of- my room overtook it temporarily….the desk my sewing machine is one will probably become megans quasi-headboard

Where the desk is will become an open spot because her desk is going to be moved into the other room.  The yellow thing is the divider between  nikki’s room and megan’s room.  but it will be replaced with a board. 


okay that’s it no more pics 😀

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