this weekend

hmm this weekend:
GREAT! it was a vacation
I am happy to say that my Father raised me right, I knew how to tie up a boat 🙂
I had a good time and am glad to be home.
Much swimming occured
I saw matthew’s grandmother wore a playboy bunny encrested nightgown to bed
I won a bunch at rummikub, i’m thinking about trying to get into the Rummikub World Series or whatnot.
We put together a puzzle at Lake Cumberland, that was cool.
Umm the house boat was awesome, it had 3 well actually 4 levels and the top level had a hot tub and their were 2 slides and a diving board. Also a sunning deck. However I did not get any sun so oh well.

came back to campus found out what happened this weekend. so much to process and yet so confused about people. Oh well……Anywho, time to take a shower and catch some z’s in a real bed and back to the mundane work days! yippee!


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