Today started out pretty good. Doctor’s went well, spent the day with friends, that was all well and now I’m like crashing. I want to scream at people right now b/c I feel like I am being like a child and that others feel as tho I’m not adult enough to handle things. For Freakin pete’s sake I”m 20! I think I can handle it-there is no need to have a go between. I just wish I could poof make things perfect for me, for me to be clean etc but you know what it’s who I am and I try FUCKING HARD to get better at it-I dont’ need it rammed down my throat as a constant reminder. Grrr
Okay I’m off to do something else bye

Okay talked to the it and things are okay now

If you have learned nothing from this please learn this: If you have a problem with me come talk to me, I won’t kill you, i promise.


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