This has been a busy weekend…

Went and saw spiderman II and then had greg and matthew and kory come over and play game cube. It was fun.

hung out with matthew and greg for a bit and then Kory and I went to home depot and bought everything for the closet. we probably started around 3 and worked until 9ish. We completed an awesome closet though! That night greg and i played game cube while the boys had some kind of secret mission. What weirdo’s

This was probably the most draining day for me. Woke up around 10ish and drove down to cincy with matthew to hang out with Jon. We went shopping and food shopping. Then we went back to matthew’s house and worked on puzzle funness. Then we went to get food and finally made it back to dayton about 9ish 10ish. I didn’t go to bed until 1 b/c i had to see trading spaces: inside out.

I am soo freakin tired. I want to fall asleep on my desk but i’d probably get fired. oh well. I think i’m gonna go run errands for a bit and then come back and work. what a fun monday. Oh and i also managed to spill 2 things on me this morning all before 9AM. Go me!


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