Payday y Friday


Okay enough excitement. πŸ™‚ So I found out my little sister is coming up on the 24th of July to come see friends and family in this area. Yay! she’s gonna come visit me too!

So here’s an awesome program you want to download. If you have a lot of books, movies, mp3’s, cd’s, comic books, etc…. this is the program for you. It is definately worth $35 (you download and then they give you $4 off coupon in your e-mail). It’s worth this much because:
-you get unlimited updates and upgrades for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
-you can put it on any computer as many times as you want
-you can manage all the books you’ve loaned out
-it searches by the isbn number and it’s uber fast searching such great things such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s and the Library of Congress
and for many many other reasons, You have to check it out-Seriously goto and see for yourself, you can try it out for a few months and see if you like it, I did and bought it the next day!

No, I’m not getting paid for this, I just really like the program πŸ™‚

So I start my online course this sunday. Should be good.

Also think I’m going to drop my psy of religion class 😦 I really wanted to take it but I need to take the next course of sign language since they cancelled my summer course. If I go another semester w/o sign language it will only make it harder for me when i go back to class.

Last night matthew, chrissy, john and I went to the dragons game. Before we got there however we got into a little accident at chrissy’s house. It was technically john’s fault but the guy drove off so yeah I think the car was stolen, because even if the guy just didn’t have insurance I would think he’d try and talk john into giving him the money out of pocket so whatever. anywho I should probably work at some point today. I’ll update later!

Oh for those that don’t know I’m in a updating war with Kory (udeagle) so check out his LJ and make sure you leave me lots of little comments! πŸ˜€

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