hmm, random update

So I’m writing in here b/c I don’t want to crawl into bed just yet. update on my life:

Still engaged πŸ˜€ Still on the high of that too!
We’re working on a guest list so if you want to be invited (not saying I will :-P) PLEASE e-mail me your address! We have decided on Northern KY for the wedding but not exactly finalized the church or anything so I won’t spill the beans. We know we are looking at June 2006, so keep those saturdays free πŸ˜‰ I’m sure it won’t be hard, with 2 years and all…. I do know who my bridesmaid and maid of honor will be….My BM’s are: Sami, Kate (my sister) and Emmie and my MoH is (Drumroll please): Amanda R. but truthfully they all seem to be playing some part of MoH in my eyes, they are all very special to me.

Umm Work, well work has been work. I love working with Jewell and Jeaninne and even Sr. (who saw me ballerina dance out of jewell’s office….oh my!) but Margaret has left much to be desired. I love it when she’s not there b/c then i can be myself but grrr when she is! Oh well..Only another month until i can cut back some hours there and concentrate on my real love, the desk. Although things have been pushed back due to construction not being done yet. We’ll see if they finish by the 9th.

Let’s see, Health.
This one’s a shocker, I’m sick again, (not my fault, it’s wisconsins fault) and when I went to the death center they said I need to have my tonsils taken out….so i’m going to the ENT on thursday to find out what they say…obviously a more reputable source. But I’m actually feeling a lot better so that’s good. Although being sick made me miss Milwaukee take 2 this past weekend 😦 but it’s okay b/c i’m getting a break in a week and few days, at Lake Cumberland! Woot! I can’t wait.

Oh and on the topic of vacations I did a Milwaukee trip take 1 with sami the weekend before and it went suprisingly well! πŸ˜› We rocked out at Summerfest 04 and had a great time with Hunter. Woohoo for long weekends!

Well I think that’s all, I swear I’m going to try and update this more often, maybe someone should challenge me ;-).

Alright I’m out! Ciao!!!!


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