my summer goals

Can I just say I have an amazing boyfriend and so is his family and friends. They all helped move me in to my new home. Along with all that jazz I got a new book called “How not to be a Messie” Something i totally needed. I’ve been reading it and reading it and it really helps. I can totally relate to the author (she even has really thick hair that’s uber oily) and she makes it seem easy to be more organized and clean. I can do organized if I write it down, like the library stuff…if there is a pattern I can pick it up, or I make really logical decisions about packing letters to be mailed. So they talk about this thing called the “Mount Vernon” approach to cleaning where you just take tiny steps and start in one area and dont’ leave until you finished (it can take days) but you don’t start and stop and yeah it’s really like a no-brainer thing…well with my amazing roommates who havn’t killed me yet for all my junk and my other roomies who aren’t here and are letting me use their room unknowingly I am doing just that… Today for instance I took all my files in my file cabinent (Which is a BITCH to move and is way to heavy and has way to much stuff) and went thru it all. I took a FULL (really full) drawer of stuff and condensed it to 1/2 of a small plastic file thing that i got at wally-world last night. It’s not 100% perfect but it’s a work in progress and now I can get rid of the file cabinent and have soemthing much easier to work with, esp with moving so much. I am going to outline my goals and plans for the sumemr so you can help me hold to them.

1) Files…Check
2) Go through clothes and get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in over a year or that doesn’t fit me, regardless of whether I will lose wait or not-If i lose weight I deserve to treat myself to new clothes, or at least mom does 😛 I want to also take some of my clothes to cincy to keep at matthew’s house. Like my formal dresses and maybe a box of winter clothes
3) Organize my books into categories and then organize those categories by authors. After Organizing them I want to use my quicklink pen and scan in the title, author, publisher and date of the book and all scan in the categorie type (like religious, children, eductaion, etc…) After I do all that I might affix labels but at the very least I will store them in my bins and possibly take them to cincy to live or take them to the basement….not sure which. I will also have to figure out which books to keep on my shelves. I think this one will be the most indepth but the most helpful. It will probably take me a month to do it all.
4) I also want to find some way to make my desk more organized, esp with all my cd’s for my computer. Along with that comes the reformating of my computer

I think this is a heafty list for the summer but I am sure I can do it. I also have other goals for the summer such as
1) finish mo’s scarf
2) Drink more water and cut out most of my pop
3) walk every night or every other night
4) get rollerblades and rollerblade to and fro work this summer…also do this with my bike.
5) hopefully lose some weight so i can have mommy buy me new clothes 😛 lol i’m so bad!

okay i need sleep….Love ya all!

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