Ahhhhh! So much to do!
Tues: Final, get laundry together so it can get done
Wed: Faculty Dinner start stupid chaminade paper
Thur: Chaminade Paper due, get money exchanged and get clothes that night and go out for dinner with matthew that night.
Fri: turn in a PSY paper, and breath a sigh of relief becuase then I’m on VACATION! to Florence and Rome!

OH and the paper, yeah it’s 8-10 pages long, someone shoot me!

I need to go shopping and get some stuff for italy and pack….and clean up….AHHHHH

But on the greener side: I have the BESTEST BOYFRIEND EVER! Seriously, yours just doesn’t have a leg to stand on against mine! He’s perfect and wonderful and loving and the only thing I’ve ever wanted! How did I luck out!?!?!??!?!

oh and housing situation: ??? no idea yet, our list is 139 Evanston, 424 Stonemill and 475 Lowes…we’ll find out this week.

yeah I should have been to bed HOURS ago…oh well.

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