What a day…no wait what a month..better yet a semester.
Where to start. Umm lets just say people need to grow up and step out of the micro-cosm that was created for them. Also I now fully believe that everyone should have to be in group therapy just so they can learn the basics of a good relationship
2) Don’t hold back FEELINGS
3) Reiterate your FEELINGS not your cognitive beliefs.
5) So what if you cry!?!
6) Umm did I say FEELINGS already?
7) Oh and don’t puss out and not say what you really FEEL.

Geez that’s not soo hard, feelings and honesty and maybe a few tears, I’d rather have that then a bunch of stab wounds in my back and unhappy people.


So in other news everyone is really excited about spring break but I’m NOT!
I have so much to do in the next two weeks I’d rather crawl into a hole and die then go to Italy b/c that means everything has to be done. AHHHH I feel so overwhelmed! With school work, RA duties, housing drama, and mostly my family situation I dont’ understand how any normal person could handle this, I’m hanging on by my teeth and I just want to let go! And no one can console me-I know i just need to pick up and keep moving but I can’t! Oh well, I’m going to go and try and do papers and ignore the fact that my life is a living train-wreck. Can I turn back the clock about 3 months, better yet how about 20 years…..ugh

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