Wow, it has been a long time for me to update….I’m such an LJ whore, i read everyone elses but never update my own 😛 sorry guys, I’m just using you!

So here’s a brief update of my life based on different areas of my life:

WAY TO MUCH HOMEWORK! that I dont’ do….umm there’s a problem. Each day i keep wishing I could drop a class or stop being an RA so i could actually not feel completely split. I don’t think anyone realizes how ready I am for this summer, I need our house and i NEED my girls.

Umm yeah, I love my kids, but I hate the job—to many restrictions, I can’t handle all the pressure…but i think a big part is the fact that I’m taking a graduate course and some freakin hard classes…..perhaps….Althought I have gotten some ideas out, I think next week I”m gonna do an OC thing were we can watch the OC and perhaps a student can explain the craze to me. I think i might copy Shayhan and teach my floor Sign Language for a weekend social…which can be fun, but I want to find someone who knows more slang then I do and then they can help me make the class more enjoyable….and yeah my faculty dinner is all good….I just need to e-mail hui-lan about the date. Thank GOD for Prof. Scholp…she is my lifesaver!

Yeah, let’s just say it’s not exactly all hunky-dory, but it’s not bad, I just need to forge onward.

I miss my girls….I think I even miss the drama….:-P Maybe not 😉 I need knitting/puzzle-doing/sewing/tv-watching buddies…Where my girls at??? LOL so when i typed girls i totally typed grils but ya know, caught myself and that reminded me of a time at girl scout camp. They got us shirts made the said girl scout camp….yadda, yadda yadda but the idiot who made them put on there gril scout camp so to fix it (b/c apprently it’s not that important when women’s things get screwed up….ask me about PSY 443) they just crossed out gril and put girl above it…how cheap! lol but it was funny, now i see it was sexist.

oh so side note, I’m writing a paper on the sexism in Paradise Lost, don’t ask me where it came from but damn! that’s the first decent idea ever!

yay therapy! i’m a freak but it’s alllll good

Things are great, I’m so happy with my mattchiue 🙂 For V-day i got a pretty necklace (heart with two hearts w/i it) and some flowers and a starbarmonkey card! yay! Althought not everything in his family is hunky-dory either I think things will work there way out….

So I think i’m doing okay over all, although I’ve been putting a lot of thought into grad school and how I want to handle it all. I think i’m really scared b/c I dunno I don’t think i can handle an apt payment on my own and school and internet (it’s mandatory for my schooling) and then work….I’m really afraid I won’t find a job who will go half and half with me and I have no idea how to get out there and get the job I want. I think that’s my biggest concern..and in one year from today I will be finalizing these details…..AHHHHHHHHHHHH Talk about a nervous disorder! Just got to do it the Dorie way: “Just keep breathing, just keep breathing, just keep breathing, breathing, breathing…” FOR REAL!!!!!!!

Anywho, I got my cell phone put into my name but the idiots that call me and hear, “Hi, you’ve reached ANNA”s cell phone, can’t come to the phone, please leave a message” and STILL leave a message like, “Hey So-and-so, sorry but your crack order hasn’t come in, if you want to come sniff my butt i think that wil hold you over,” or some crazy shit like that are DRIVING ME INSANE! Esp when they call at 6:45 in the AM!!!

Oh and yeah, I’m going on an urban plunge this weekend…umm can i say I’m scared shitless..I have a tiny bit of an idea of what to expect but still..i dunno if i’m ready for this….oh well, odnt’ have a choice!

Okay for real…bed…I should have done that an hour ago….I’m a freak i know.

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