the final end to the shittiest week…

Well this week offically sucked….
first: my paper sucked b/c i didn’t write it in enought time to get it proof read (my own fault)
second: I worked a bunch this week which always sucks
third: I bombed my test and my paper was shitty b/c UD’s network sucks
fourth: I didn’t make it into Option to… Not a huge deal but yeah still sad
and the final cap to the weekend that just killed most of my happiness:
I didn’t get supervisor 😦 I’m okay with it, and I understand why I didn’t get it (b/c i can’t work for 2 years, only 1) and it makes sense but it hurts….I had my hopes up.

So i’m gonna force myself to think of more happy things then sad things:
1: Family and friends
2: Matthew…he’s a big help
3: Books & co. books always make me feel better
4: I’m alive
5: My boss, even tho I didn’t get the position I still am very grateful she is my boss
6: My roomies, esp the ones that want to rape me.
7: Thanksgiving break
8: PUZZLES (cept for the ones that keep you up till 3 am)
9: Vickie’s night out
10: The color green.

Okay I made it double…that’s all the energy I have left in me…gotta go to work tonight….Leave me some love please? I need some cheering up.

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