So i’ve been yelled at for not updating…..oops 😛
This has been a CRAZY week….it hasn’t been terrible but it’s definately not been the best. umm issues within the ‘ily, sleep deprivation due to work and school…money deprivation due to myself and post office’s, You know it’s bad when you can’t even remember what happened last weekend, and it was only 2 days ago, so yeah it took me 5 mins before i remember what I did this weekend…..workshop, matrix, worshop, work, smelly jellies, illuionists, work, chilin and church. right now i feel like i’m gonna crash i’m so exhausted. Tonight I have: 7 concert by sami adn the rest of horn choir, 8: chillin with kristin and sami and fun peeps like that, 9: auditions for Option to…, after that yeha stupid me agreed to go exercise with kristin so we know when i get home I’m not gonna be able to sleep…but it’s all good b/c a week from tomorrow I will only have class at 10 till 11 and then a break all day until 8 that night for work ….so i have something to look forward to.

Okay i’m out

Today, reflect upon a past kindness ad the strength it afforded both the giver and the receiver.

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