A special Day

Okay so I was told that I don’t do my live journal entries anymore so I figured I’d prove that person wrong.

In the Past….
-Paintballing with my roomie Sarah, THE COOLEST EVER!!!!!!
-Hell, in many shapes in forms
-Heaven, in great friends and Oval Opus (who love my roomie sarah more then you b/c they invited her to listen to them sing..yes we are better then you) btw if you want to come with us listen to them, they are awesome, just shoot me a message.

Today is Matthew and my’s 2 year anniversary….yeah can you believe it, I’ve put up with him for two years. Just kidding, I love him to death. He is my best friend, my confidant. Someone I trust my life with, in every regard, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc… I am so lucky to have in my life and I only pray that as our lives go on we find each other in new aspects and truly begin to love one other more throughly. Thank you for every good time you’ve given me. I love you.

Other then that I’m kinda dealing with some stuff but I’m not really ready to talk to anyone about it, First I have to figure it out for myself and find out what it is I’m dealing with. So if you wouldn’t mind praying for my mental self and then also for matthew and I. I’d really appreciate it. Okay that’s it, God Bless!


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